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  • I live in Somewhere dark and lonely, most likely.
  • My occupation is too young for that
  • I am an aspiring author who has a major addiction to IT and Stranger Things. Most of my works on here are horrid.
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Hi, welcome to the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Sundawn's Promise page.

Before you look at the wiki, please read the rules.

If you want to meet the staff and the users, please take a look here!

If you feel like reading a new exciting fanfic but are not sure which, press the Random Page button!

Feel free to use the IRC to talk with other members here!

Thanks for contributing to the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki. Happy Editing! Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Rainsplash987 (talk) 01:19, August 27, 2016 (UTC)

Hi Welome to the wiki! i'm Flameheart2004 but you can call me flame i saw your story and though i never seen your user before! now before i go on rambing i just wanted ot drop in an say welcome! I'm a never ending Flame

Chat? I am Fire I am Free

Okay, here is a list of Queen to Kits list:

Poppyflower: Goldenheather, Snowfeather, Cherrynose, Roseleaf (Minor Characters not listed)

Shadewing: Ravenclaw, Rosefoot, Shadowkit, Foxkit

Raincloud: Burrowsand, Leapflight

Brightbrindle: Leopardpelt, Dawnsomethingidontremember, Spottedberry, Morningmist, Snowpelt, Poppyflower

If you need any more, message me!

Thank you Flame! You've always been there when I need you and I really needed to say thank you! Thank you for the names! :)

Sandstorm1823 (talk) 20:30, June 3, 2017 (UTC)Sandy 6:32, June 4, 2017

But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.

Thank you! I needed that boost for today!

Sandstorm1823 (talk) 20:30, June 3, 2017 (UTC)Sandy 6:28, June 4, 2017

fyi - alternate accounts aren't allowed and could be considered sockpuppeting, which could get you banned. your alt isn't allowed and could be banned. I also don't know if that's your account or not - but either way, that isn't allowed and could be considered sockpuppeting, which could get this account and the alt banned, which isn't something I'd prefer.

-- "You made me a promise. Why couldn't I keep it?" 00:25, May 24, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you! I'll stop using that alt account then! I just didn't know that was a rule... Anyway, I might as well have deleted that account (I would but I have no idea how to) because I took over all the other fanfics with this account. I'm still sort of new here and this advice is really helping me!

Sandstorm1823 (talk) 20:30, June 3, 2017 (UTC)Sandy 6:24 June 4, 2017

P.s. My signature might not work

What's that? {{SUBST:User:Flameheart/Sig}} (talk) 09:45, June 5, 2017 (UTC) That something that can't be replaced is your kindness Sandstorm1823 (talk) 09:46, June 13, 2017 (UTC) Sandy 7:47, 13 June

another small fyi - you're going to want to respond to the messages you get on the user's talkpage, so that they get a notification that you did! -- "You made me a promise. Why couldn't I keep it?" 10:27, June 5, 2017 (UTC)

Hey, I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that your show, Dusk, has to be submitted to my talk page with a form from WFW 1. This is the same comment I made on your show's main page but in case you didn't see it (since I saw you made your page for the first episode), I thought I'd give you a message :)

So if you could, it would be great if you could fill the form out and send me a talk page message with it! Other than that, your show looks very exciting!

I see all of you, Rhys. And there is not one part that I do not love with everything that I am. -Feyre

For the day, you're supposed to give me a day of the week haha so I know where to put it on WFW 1 :) Also for the maturity part, I'm going to put PG-13, since it's more of the general ratings that everyone uses and it seems to fit.

So if you could just tell me what day your episodes will usually come out (or just pick a day really, I don't enforce rules on airing your episode exactly on the day you say it will come out) I can approve it !

I see all of you, Rhys. And there is not one part that I do not love with everything that I am. -Feyre

Done! Sandstorm1823 (talk) 20:46, June 13, 2017 (UTC) Sandy

okay thanks! It's approved :) I'll put it on WFW 1 now

Also if you could, can you add the category "WFW 1" to your show's main page? Just the main page will be fine. Thanks :)

I see all of you, Rhys. And there is not one part that I do not love with everything that I am. -Feyre

Hi! As a judge for WFWA, I'd just like to remind you that the last day to nominate is July 1st. We'd really appreciate it if you could spare the time for a few nominations- we really need more participation!

Thank you!

Dance with me ~It won't kill ya~ 21:47, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

What I mean is nominating stories to participate in the Warrior Fanfiction Wiki Awards . Read the blog if you haven't, and if you need further clarification, there are several categories stories will be judged in. For example, best protagonist, or best overall story. We need more stories to be nominated by users!

If you have more questions, feel free to ask me.

Dance with me ~It won't kill ya~ 13:04, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

Just thought I'd respond to your comment about drawing inspiration from Singularity-

I'm so honored you were inspired by the story! As long as your plot moves in a different way than mine and your characters are original, I'm fine with this so don't worry. My only concern is that the prologue and first chapter are extremely similar to Singularity- please try and change that for the next chapters. Other than that, you're fine :)

Dance with me ~It won't kill ya~ 20:46, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, I understand the first chapter and the prologue are really similar to Singularity, it'll be quite different once I finish the first chapter though. I absolutely love Singularity! :) The plot will be very different from your story so at's not a problem. I think I'll tweak the prologue a little as well, just to make sure it isn't the same :) The characters are my originals o no worries for that either :)

Blazing Light in the Darkest of Days 21:03, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Sounds good! Remember to reply on my talkpage next time, not your own- I almost didn't see this XD

Dance with me ~It won't kill ya~ 21:21, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Nope, you haven't done anything! I put a thing there that makes the viewer's username pop up, so it's more like I'm addressing them. I understand how it can be creepy though....XD --And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight 22:36, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Sure! Do you want to get on chat to plan it? --And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight 22:45, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

Hi Random User Who Is Scrolling Through My Talk Page!

This was mean't to be at the top of my talk page but a lot of things messed up and now it's here! I'm Sandy, just look at my Profile Page or ask Flame or Fox about me!

I just was to say to you that you're all welcome here! Consider this a safe place for you to get away from the world and chat with me or your/my friends! Whenever I feel pressured, I just come here to my Talk Page and chat with either Fox or Flame usually.

Speaking of Fox and Flame, go check out their talk pages!

User talk: Flameheart2004

User talk: Foxstep1

Have a nice time checking out all the amazing stories users have written here on the wikia!

Blazing Light in the Darkest of Days 09:57, June 26, 2017 (UTC)

Of course! Surprisingly, I'm offering the same thing to other users.

Anyway, the form:

NAME: Hollyfall

DESCRIPTION: Pelt and head is very black with green eyes and scar on her pelt. Reddish white tail tip and paws. She is not a fast runner and happen to get hurt alot. Cold and arrogant on the outside, but if you're her friend, she would be the funniest and kindest cat you'd ever met.

GENDER: She-cat


CLAN: WinterClan

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 11:16, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

Sorry, I don't really feel like it, but thank you for offering!

Bandage your wounds or let them fester- it's your choice. 13:53, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

-shrugs- shuree

Characters name is Patchfeather

Description: small, sturdy calico tom with short, feathery fur, a long tail, long legs, long white whiskers, and ice blue eyes.

Gender: male

Evil: ehhh... i'd say 50/50

idk, ThistleClan sounds cool

alsoo his personality is snappish and salty, seems to hate everything, doesn't like arguing (surprisingly) and will usually just start making fun of whoevers trying to start one with him, he's really thorny and adventurous, and he only shows his sweet side to his mate/someone he's in love with. And I want you to know; you couldn't have loved me better. 14:39, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

Awesome! yeah sure i'll fill out a form haha

Name: Tye

Appearance: Tye is a dark gray tom with white paws and a white tail. He has yellow-green eyes.

Personality: Tye has a rough edge and is sarcastic and snappish to defend himself and not really open up. He hates telling others about himself but to people he trusts the most, he opens up to some extent. (probs the only one he'd truly open up to is his lover but since he's gonna be a side character you can choose!)

Gender: male

Evil?: oh bro i can make him evil? YES LOL sure :D

Role: rogue; can rogues be evil? if he can't oh well just a rogue on whatever side lol

"the world will be saved and remade by dreamers" --empire of storms

Your Character's Name: Poolflight

​Description about Character (Personality, Appearance, what they're good at): silver tabby she-cat/black tabby stripes, blue eyes. Exceptional hunter, often hotheaded and stubborn, kind of self-centered and is worried she may hurt the ones she loves

​Gender: Female

​Evil? (put no if not): No

​What role does your Character Play? RainClan, LeafClan, ThistleClan, WinterClan, Loner, Kittypet?: RainClan

--And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight 18:48, June 27, 2017 (UTC)

Do you want me to code you a sig with wikitext and stuff like mine?

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 00:45, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

We can do the collab! I've never done one, except start a plot of one with Pinefur and then something happened to her or whatever she hasn't been online for a long while. So...Got any ideas for the characters/plot? Maybe a Clan named BreezeClan?

Now let's talk about the sig. Plz fill out this form. FYI, for the "what text gets it" is only if you have multiple of whatever the category is. For example, if you have to colors and your text is "I'm a piggy" you could say "I'm a" gets red and "piggy" gets pink or whatever.






SIZE(Only 1-7 I don't like going farther than that)AND WHAT TEXT GETS IT(Optional):




Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 11:00, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

Hey, Sand! I saw that you and Holly were having trouble restoring your page. Do you want me to try? I've done that in the past before. And I want you to know; you couldn't have loved me better. 13:41, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

I got it back by undoing all the edits you made afterwards. Usually in that situation don't edit the page and just undo the edit because edits after can conflict the page and it makes it harder to undo all the stuff.

also your tabview can't be done unless you have tabs for the page haha it was trying to spaz on me so I took it out for now but the story should be fully back!

"the world will be saved and remade by dreamers" --empire of storms

Sorry! I was called to do something and I expected it to be done shortly so I could return but it took longer... We'll continue planning next time on chat, okay? :) And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight

Hi! So I see Dogwood has already stepped into the comments but I wanted to give you a personal message saying don't let other people's opinions stop you from writing. Don't let them tell you your story is bad because frankly, everyone makes mistakes!

So I didn't have time to read all of Wisdom so far, but I read the first part of it and I actually think you are an amazing writer. You can go so far if you just keep practicing! So keep writing the story and be proud of your work because if other people won't, then you'll just have to be your own best friend <3 I've spent the past two to three years on this wiki writing with only one of my bestest of friends commenting on my stories but I told myself "I'm just practicing and there's a reason I'm not an author yet. I don't have to care about other people's opinions because as long as I believe in myself, I can do it!"

<3 I hope this helps :) I want to read the rest of Wisdom! So I want you to write it so when I find time to read it, I can have more than what you have now to read <3

"the world will be saved and remade by dreamers" --empire of storms 02:58, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

--User talk:Sandstorm1823|No matter how many times we've fought, love will always conquer hatred 05:38, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

Well, are you on?

I mean, I don't really like chat for some reason, and the last time I was on it the other people "broke" me lol it was pretty funny.

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 11:07, June 30, 2017 (UTC)


I'm guessing you know about that comment, too.

Lemme show you what I sent to Firey.

I'm REALLY sorry, by the way. FYI, I'm sometimes use my wording VERY wrongly. 

"I'm really sorry, but just to explain some things.

I TRULY didn't mean I liked it better when it was gone...

So, rewind until Wisdom was gone.

I commented "I used to..." because it was gone now, which meant the "used to" was BEFORE it was gone.

So what I meant was that I liked it BEFORE it was gone(which means I like it now, too). Make sense? If it doesn't, I'll try to explain it better.

EDIT: I just saw Dogwood's message.

What I meant by "No I used to like it because it used to be gone" was that I used to like it BEFORE it was gone, but I didn't then because it was gone now.

You know what? Just please delete the comment if you can."

Hope you understand...I'll try to use better wording next time...

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 11:10, June 30, 2017 (UTC)</p>

It's fine :) glad you understand. I'm not trying to sound impatient or anything, but what about the sig form? Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 22:18, June 30, 2017 (UTC)

Okay! Click here to see the sig. If you don't like how it is, just tell me and I will fix whatever you want me to fix. I assume you know this part, but if you don't, go to your Preferences go down to the signature part and in the long box put User:Sandstorm1823/Sig and make sure you check the wikitext box. Try it out on my talk page, and if it doesn't work, before asking me, change the text in the long box to { {SUBST:User:Sandstorm1823/Sig} } with no spaces.

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 11:24, July 1, 2017 (UTC)

You're welcome!

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for 22:45, July 1, 2017 (UTC)

Remember our collab? Where do you think we should plan it?

  • Talk pages
  • Chat(yes I'm fine with that now)
  • Somewhere else

Courage is resistance to  fear. 17:40, July 10, 2017 (UTC)

Remember you told me to go on chat 4:00pm? Uh, idk your time zone but... What do you want to call it?

Courage is resistance to  fear. 11:11, July 11, 2017 (UTC)

You're not being rude at all! Though can you tell me your specific time zone so I know the times you can go on chat in my timezone? Thanks!

Courage is resistance to  fear. 21:09, July 11, 2017 (UTC)

You have been given an opinion!

Courage is resistance to  fear. 11:40, July 16, 2017 (UTC)


Courage is resistance to  fear. 18:34, July 16, 2017 (UTC)

I left an opinion!

Maybe you should make a box thingy like I did on my Opinions page?

Courage is resistance to  fear. 00:07, July 18, 2017 (UTC)

Thanks! By the way Steppy left a link.

Courage is resistance to  fear. 22:51, July 18, 2017 (UTC)

'Kay, thanks! :D And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight

No problem! It's awesome! Turtle Tail Dawn of the... CLANS

To add music to your user page, make sure first that the music you want to add to the page is on SoundCloud. On SoundCloud, find the song/music you want by searching its name in the search bar. Once you get to the song/music's page, copy the url.

Now, in source mode, on the top of your user page, put this code in:

<soundcloud url="ENTER SONG URL YOU COPIED HERE" height="0" width="0" auto_play="true" repeat="true"></soundcloud>

Then click publish. You're done!

Hope this helps!

Courage is resistance to  fear. 21:15, July 24, 2017 (UTC)

Hey Sandy how are u this is dawn 

I like coding i like coding minecraft

DawnFlower23 (talk)

Hi Sandy thanks for the signature code :)

Dawnflower RULES 07:33, July 25, 2017 (UTC)

yw :)

Courage is resistance to  fear. 17:02, July 27, 2017 (UTC)


Courage is resistance to  fear. 21:26, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

Well are you online?

Courage is resistance to  fear. 21:07, July 28, 2017 (UTC)

Skypaw would be in DarkClan There is nothing to fear but fear itself 22:57, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

DarkClan :)

Courage is resistance to  fear. 23:34, August 1, 2017 (UTC)

sure! if you have skype or discord we could chat there?

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.

Sorry, didn't see your chat message at the right time. -

Courage is resistance to  fear. 15:17, August 8, 2017 (UTC)

Hey Sand! I was wondering if I could use Smokewhisker in Two Birds as Talonfang's mate? I was gonna have some firedude be her mate but he kinda sucks and I think TalonXSmoke way better <3 its fine if not. And I want you to know; you couldn't have loved me better. 21:43, October 8, 2017 (UTC)

heya sisi what up what do u think was easy on the test

"I'd never leave you  behind. I love you too much." - Dawnflower 01:59, October 25, 2017 (UTC)

Yep! I got it. I thought I messaged you to let you know (must have thought about letting you know, then forgot, but when I thought about it again, I thought i did. Confusing) Thanks for letting me use him! He's going to make his appearance in chapter 9! And I want you to know; you couldn't have loved me better. 14:02, October 25, 2017 (UTC)

I just saw your sig and like I'm obsessed with SJM books omg <3 have you read A Court of Thorns and Roses?

"when people say impossible, they usually mean improbable" --nikolai lantsov

uhh wait ACOMAF is the second book though haha

I love her writing so much I agree with you :) She's a wonderful writer and honestly I'm jealous of some of the storylines she got to write because it would have been so cool to write them myself :P

"when people say impossible, they usually mean improbable" --nikolai lantsov

haha I am a Chaoleana shipper sadly so we do not agree there. I was never a fan of Dorian ;P Tower of Dawn is out! I've read all her books so far and tbh I think it's amazing (though there's some mature content I should probably warn you about before you get into it lol)

Sorry! I don't come on often but we can talk like this "when people say impossible, they usually mean improbable" --nikolai lantsov

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