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Okay, after reading that episode I literally was speechless. So, now that my speech has been regained, here ya go:

That was so beautiful. Robo, you are an amazing writer. I can honestly say you rival even the oldies in your skills. I have never cried when reading a fanfiction. I cried reading that. I can honestly never thank you enough. You are an amazing person and a best friend. If I could meet you, I would in a heartbeat. Like legit, okay? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. AND YOU'D BETTER NOT FORGET IT. OMFS I AM HAVING AN EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN. 

You are my best friend, and I love you so much. Don't EVER forget it. If you leave this wiki I will literally throw my router out the window, okay?

Love, Nighty. :) --Can you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men, it is the music of the people who will not be slaves again! 02:46, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

^(I just couldn't remove this message from my talk page)

I found something that you might love Robo <3 I hope the link works: Here you go ;)

Yo soy el huelga de la AVALANCHA! 01:16, April 8, 2013 (UTC)

I just found it on my newsfeed on fb and I was thinking that I should show it to you since you love turtles ^-^

Yo soy el huelga de la AVALANCHA! 01:21, April 8, 2013 (UTC)


HOW DID YOU GET THAT ROBO THING ON YOUR USERPAGE? I've seen Stareh's and other's and I've always wanted one. HELP MEH!

translation: HIMG would like to know how you did your awesome animation thingy. Thank you.

TheCookieQueen 07:45, April 8, 2013 (UTC)

P.S Oooh, new archive. :3 I'm not even on my second yet. xD No one messages me.



Hello dear Robo


Please join my RP wiki

Goldclan: The only RP clan known to live in the desert

Me. Myself. I. The three people that matter (talk) 07:04, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

ROBOOOO, Can you please write your chappie for The Island? I'm really sorry if I'm being an annoying twat :3 Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 21:50, April 10, 2013 (UTC)


Chat. :3

Dark-Look a flying waffle! 22:42, April 10, 2013 (UTC)


Jay|X|StickWhy did you break up? 07:57, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

I want to know how to do the sun bit and how that pic links to your page, but with a different picture. ^-^ How did you learn that?

Also: How can I make all my writing on one page the same font and colour? 'Cause I'm tired of doing the <span style=" over and over gain. :P

Also: episode 6 of Elements

Jay|X|StickWhy did you break up? 08:03, April 12, 2013 (UTC)

Urgh, me again. You're bored, aren't you? Anyway, here goes:

Is there a way I can make my sig glow/have a shadow? I was just wondering....

Jay|X|StickWhy did you break up? 18:15, April 12, 2013 (UTC)


I just made that huge to get your attention! XD Anyways, for Aquatail in the "MY CATS" section, Aquasplash plays a HUGE part in Enter the MountainsHawky wishes her siggie would stop being annoying!


Don't worry. I got some pics of turtles too: Flight and Turtle army. I'm pretty neutral on which is better, but I'm glad to give pics for both to you guys. Yo soy el huelga de la AVALANCHA! 01:53, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

I has an important question for you. Tell me when you get on. :3 Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 14:37, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

OMG YOUR SIG <333333333333333333333333

And it's okay, actually, I think I resolved it. Thanks! Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 15:45, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Nope. Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 15:50, April 13, 2013 (UTC)


Jay|X|StickWhy did you break up? 16:07, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Huh? It wasn't super important; I figured out my solution. :3 Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 16:28, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks Robo! <33333333333333333333333

Robo! You are soooooooooooo nice!!!<33333333333333333333333333333333333333 I will make a story in honor of you now. I shall be off to think of a plot.  Hawky wuz here!

Robo! Can you code my user page? I want it to look all coolio with stuff to do with Rush and my user name cuz urs is SO COOL!

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 22:56, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Just a request

Hi Robo! I was just asking, can you teach me how to make a siggy? Amberflower of WindClanTalk 23:11, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Ok! :)

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 23:57, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Hi, Robo! I'm just here to show off my new siggy, made by me! Thanks for your tips! Amberflower of WindClanHello!["Queen][of][Spoofs"]-HIMG 01:42, April 14, 2013 (UTC)



Jay|X|StickWhy did you break up? 14:40, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

I'll get on


Jay|X|StickWhy did you break up? 14:44, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

DOUBLED IS APPROVED. :DDDDDD Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 23:59, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

So do you want me to make the page? We can recode it and all that later, but I'm really impatient. :3 Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 00:00, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hi, you've uploaded ten pictures this month, exceeding your eight picture limit. Please limit any further uploads of pictures this month. Thanks! --Love is when you try to move on... but find you can't 00:00, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, I'll get on it ASAP :D Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 00:35, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Yep! Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 00:40, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo, I know you're the coding expert, but do you mind if I try a coupla weird things with the Doubled page? You can change them when you edit it. :D Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 00:55, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

LOL It's gonna suck, but I just wanted to randomly try it out. :3 Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 00:58, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Pfft, we'll see(I'm multitasking right now, that's why it's taking a small eternity) Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 01:00, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

XDDDDDDD Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 01:04, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, okay. But it's gonna be horrible, and you know it. I'm really just trying out some rubbish :3 Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 01:06, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Robo. If you're on right now (If you're not it's fine) I'm making my signature but I ran out of room in the bar on 'my preferances'. If I make a page called User:Spottedpool599/sig, will it automatically be my signature?


Spotty is the new word for epical~ 01:11, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo, you know how I put 4 seasons on the Doubled page? Feel free to delete most of them when I'm done(I'm not done yet) cuz Idk if we'll have that many. :) Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 01:19, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

That's fine. When I tried to make a link, it messed up the colourfulness, so I stopped it from being a link, so now I have enough room.

Spotty is the new word for epical and you can't fight that~ 01:54, April 15, 2013 (UTC)


Just wondering: Could you please make me a talk bubble? I don't mind if you're to busy. (I know you are!)

ALSO: Doubled looks AWESOME!!!!

ANOTHER ALSO: I left a reccomendation on your page. :) Its SO GOOD!

Me? Crazy?Are you sure? 16:29, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Oops, forgot: Get up to date on Elements and

I copy/pasted some text shadow stuff and it isn't working on my sig. Please can you help??????????/

Me? Crazy?Are you sure? 17:33, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

Sure! Do you want me to stop with the Characters page too? Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer... In the hills, and highlands 21:08, April 15, 2013 (UTC)


Spotty is the new word for epical and you can't fight that~ 22:58, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOO!! I'm going to miss you so much! You were like my shining star that I could aways look up to! I have to leave for a month or two because I'm grounded and I really need to just focus on school! I'm gonna miss you alot my Rob! So light em up, up, upLight me up, up, upLight em up!Light em up, up, upIts on fire!  22:15, April 17, 2013 (UTC)

Omigosh Robo, I'm so sorry. I really meant to get my chapter of our RL collab done, but I just didn't have time. Blargle.

Working on it right now; I swear I'll have it by tomorrow. ♥TEAM BUNNIES & UNICORNS♥DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!!! 22:34, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

You're the best <3 :) ♥TEAM BUNNIES & UNICORNS♥DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!!! 22:36, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

I've finally, after much debate, decided on my songfic for your contest :) It's Secrets by One Republic. <3 that song. ♥TEAM BUNNIES & UNICORNS♥DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!!! 23:03, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

Dude, check out the featured wikis at the bottom ;D ♥TEAM BUNNIES & UNICORNS♥DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!!! 23:18, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

Hi, its Silverstourm. I have your Goldenpetal drawn and posted on my blog. But I had this weird blog malfunction, so yeah....just skip all the blogs until you get to the one that says Warriors Fan Art! Ignore it all!StormyTalk.Blog. 02:11, April 20, 2013 (UTC)Silverstourm

Thanks! But sorry its on lined paper.StormyTalk.Blog. 16:22, April 20, 2013 (UTC)Silverstourm

Does ye have any ideas for the pilot of Doubled?(Hopefully to premier Monday, if you're okay with it) ♥TEAM BUNNIES & UNICORNS♥DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!!! 21:15, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

WAIT. NEVER MIND. ANOTHER SONGFIC CHANGE. I'm gonna do Apologize by One Republic instead. SORRY! ♥TEAM BUNNIES & UNICORNS♥DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!!! 01:32, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

For You

So, I made that AWESOME siggy for Rainy (the one that says TEAM BUNNIES AND UNICORNS!! DOWN WITH THE TURTLES!!!) Don't kill me. xD

So, with my new cody skills (I figured out how to do gradients) I thought I should make you one.

So, here it is: 'Cause I remember itAll too well...

You don't have to use it, but I just love this song. :) It's Taylor, of course.

HIMG 08:34, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

LOL, its nothing. xD I would have it as my sig, but I like my rainbow. I was just listening to the song and I was like. 'Hey, Roo would like that' and then made it. Strange. Red is her best song though. I just scream along to the chorus. xD

HIMG 18:26, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

My Siggy WORKS!!!!!!!!!

ROBO! My sig works! YAAAAAAYYY!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDGarrusCalibrations 22:58, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

Blank Page

Robo, your page is all blank! What happened to it? BRVRwill notfall 12:08, April 23, 2013 (UTC)

WTFFFFFFFFFFF. YOUR TALK PAGE KNOWS IT IS ME. *cries of shockness* OMGGGGG CREEEEEPYYYYY. You're gonna have to give me a sec while I hyperventilate. *hyperventilates* Vampire BarbieI talk a lot. Doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about. 01:55, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

Ok, back :D ANYWAY, just wanted to let you know that your chapter in Pawprints is coming up soon, so be ready! :D Also go here and fill out your character description. Yes, I placed her in WindClan - sorry if that wasn't what you wanted, but there was a massive WindClan shortage so it was kind of important. I would actually have preferred to have her in ThunderClan but meh. Ok. :D Vampire BarbieI talk a lot. Doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about. 01:55, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Robo! Just wondering if you have stories I can read. I'm new! How do you make a signature? Cchen3 (talk) 03:48, April 24, 2013 (UTC) Cchen3


Have you got any ideas for the StarXRobo story? If you do, meet me on StoboPlanning IRC :3 BRVRwill notfall 01:02, April 29, 2013 (UTC)



If you don't see me, it's cause I'm busy Beanie.

16:52, May 1, 2013 (UTC)

We must discuss the next episode of Doubled. Message me when you're on :)  Live While We're Young 16:26, May 5, 2013 (UTC)

I can't be on much tonight, so can you release Mean Girls? I'm really sorry!!!  Live While We're Young 00:51, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Roo

Hey, Roo, can I ask for a small favor? You know when you made that siggie for me, well could you link me the page it was on? If you know please reply to this message as soon as you can. I'm a fan of DarkXBlue 07:25, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

Tangle's siggy no work. :(

What do I do?

I told him EVERYTHING he needs to know.

Like, everything.

I need yo help, please. <3

GarrusCalibrations 13:50, May 11, 2013 (UTC)

Why we're friends <3 Live While We're Young 21:39, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

I know it's taken me a long while to reply. I've got two excuses: 1) Not allowed on here really. 2) Broken laptop. I've been using my tablet (which this site doesn't work on because it's not in mobile format) and my old notebook which is so so slow, and I've only recently (5 minutes ago) been able to get here without it freezing up. Anyway, I love you too, very much <3 And I would like to ask why you're no longer on Wattpad, because it is very upsetting :P Ninja In the name of the Moon... 18:21, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

Oodles of Poodles

Hey, so, I don't mean to nag (who am I kidding?! Yes I do!) but seriously, your chapter for Pawprints needs to be done, like, yesterday. Okay? Please work on it Robo, it's really really important. Vampire BarbieI talk a lot. Doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about. 13:00, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

I'm being so annoying XD

Hey Robo

I'm making a story series, and I want the stories to be coded.

If you can't code them that's fine, but what are all the things I need for coding to make the stories coded and stuff? BRVRwill notfall 23:25, June 4, 2013 (UTC)

Here's the page, Robo. I want it to have a background that makes the writing easier to read, and chapter tabs. Thanks.

BRVRwill notfall 01:27, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

coded :O


I was going to code the top of my page, and then this happened XD

I changed the color (at first it was black and white) so do you think it looks good? BRVRwill notfall 13:22, June 9, 2013 (UTC)



TangleXBlue I luffles you Bluestar!  07:49, June 15, 2013 (UTC)

ROBO< WHAT. You have welcomed me on your talk page. (bows)I need to get my issues in order. They keep jumping out the window. (talk) 03:42, June 16, 2013 (UTC)

I'm on right now, and I'll be on/off throughout the day! :D Siggiestar.gifI'm wishing upon a star... Tonight Siggiestar.gif 16:07, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

Confuzzled :P

I am very happy and touched, but confuzzled.

Misty's NC profile says in big letters, "Welcome, BCEngine!" And this one says the same thing XD

I waz just wondering why. =D

The name's Engine. BCEngine. (talk) 20:22, July 4, 2013 (UTC)

Hooray for Robo's awesome archive bar! :D Siggiestar.gifI'm wishing upon a star... tonight Siggiestar.gif 13:36, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

It is awesome!!! And okay, I'll write it right now :D Siggiestar.gifI'm wishing upon a star... tonight Siggiestar.gif 16:23, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo! For when you get back on, I have an idea for our next UTT book. Not for the romance or title - we'll still have to think about that - but for the background plot of the story. It'll need a PetalClan or FlameClan couple- probably PetalClan because they haven't had a full couple yet :P. Or we could try it out with BirdClan, I really don't care xD 

Message me when you're on! :D Siggiestar.gifI'm wishing upon a star... tonight Siggiestar.gif 18:18, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Okay! Lol Siggiestar.gifI'm wishing upon a star... tonight Siggiestar.gif 17:32, July 11, 2013 (UTC)



TangleXBlue I luffles you Bluestar!  01:38, July 12, 2013 (UTC)

I would love to participate,Roo.

Cause love was like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street 

Hellr Robo! I haven't talked to you in FOREVER! This is Floatie, I finally changed my name. GET ON CHAT

Floatie I Am AWESOME! 22:06, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Otay, talk to you tommorow then! :3

Floatie I Am AWESOME! 22:23, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Lolz, okay I shall... tomorrow xD Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 02:45, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

Kk, but I only have a few minutes.Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 02:52, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

LOL ROBO! I was looking at your siggie Warriors- cats that speak, kill, and lie and thought of Warriors-cats that speak kill and eat pie XD Sooner then later, I need a s a v i o u r... I need a saviour... 


Chat? Sooner then later, I need a s a v i o u r... I need a saviour... 

Robo? Are you on IRC/can you please get on? Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 14:44, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

== Collab


Hello, fellow collab-er! This may sound odd, but in order to determine the course of your cat in my new collab, I um... made a survey. Don't judge me. xD Please message me the survey back with the answers of your choice. Thanks!


Question 1: As far as romance, my cat can be interested in/in love with _____________

a) another main character(please name them; if the other user consents the charries can get together)


c) other Clanmate (please provide brief description)

Question 2: Would you be okay with your cat getting sick or injured?

a) Sure, why not?

b) I'd rather they not...

c) I really don't give a-

Question 3: The six main characters are eventually going to form a close friendship, but how would you like your cat to start off?

a) A social outcast.

b) Friends with insert main character name only

c) Friends with other Clanmates

Question 4: Would you like to hear a brief plot summary of the story in advance?

a) Yes so I can give feedback.

b) Yes because you might come up with something crazy that I don't want to write.

c) Nah, I'll wait till my chapter and see how it goes.

Question 5: How excited are you to write this collab?

a) Um. If I signed up this is a really stupid question to ask.


c) Well... um... er... about that...

Thank you guys in advance! :D Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 23:10, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

On! :D

Enemies of the heir....Beware... 

P.S. Behold my new siggy... HP quote! 

Hey! Rainy bothering you again :P So for Famine, as I mentioned before, the six main charries will eventually become best friends. As with any group of friends, there has to be someone to fill every position. Based on your character personality and your survey responses, I think your cat would be perfect for the position of "shy/quiet/mysterious one". What do you think? Thanks! Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 02:30, July 19, 2013 (UTC)


It's been a while since we've talked. So yeah. I missed you, And I can't believe I signed that opinions page 3 TIMES! *facepaw* Please restart Home and catch up on Elements. :)


"Help me, {{{1}}},You're my only hope"Leia 16:59, July 19, 2013 (UTC)


"Help me, {{{1}}},You're my only hope"Leia 13:23, July 20, 2013 (UTC)

Roboooooo! (cuddles)

Can you start reading BBTC again? Pweaaaaase? (cuddles again) I miss your comments.

TangleXBlue I luffles you Bluestar!  00:07, July 22, 2013 (UTC) 

I'd love to, but I'm wondering- is there a specific plot or something you'd like me to follow? Answer to your question about me being Voldy and savin the world: I'm epic.

"Help me, {{{1}}},You're my only hope"Leia 19:08, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

YAY thank you very much! The blurb sounds find to me- I <3 Bella and Strike.

"Help me, {{{1}}},You're my only hope"Leia 19:17, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Can't start right now- but I'll try and begin tomorrow. :D I have quite a lot to do, like finish Elements finale and other stuff, but I like being busy.

"Help me, {{{1}}},You're my only hope"Leia 19:30, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Whoo. I'm going with something slightly less rainbowish and more themed, but I don't even really know, I was just sick of my old one. :P Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 16:09, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you so much for Omen! I cant believe you dedicated it to me! Also, do you think you could snazzy my userpage up?An opinons a,stories and me tab plese, but if its too much the me and stories is okay.Sig.jpg Ginger Sig.jpg 07:41, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry. I couldn't respond sooner, but give me a couple of days since I think I finally got my writing fire back! :D So now iI have enough inspiration to completely finish my chapter as I'm working on it right now. Btw, what do want to name the leader of ShadowClan as I need to know for my chapter? Or did you tell me already? :P --Yo soy el huelga de la AVALANCHA! 14:39, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Roobear? Chat? Sig.jpg Ginger Sig.jpg 16:31, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Me and Icy are in NC chat now :3 Sig.jpg Ginger Sig.jpg 16:40, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Si, but I dunno how because of my awful coding skills. D: Sooner then later, I need a s a v i o u r... I need a saviour... 

I love the user page! It's fantastic! Thanks! Sooner then later, I need a s a v i o u r... I need a saviour... 

Sooo.. Zaffie said shed start the Warriors Reading Marathon if I find a few people. Want to? Gingerstripe Talk! 23:39, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

<3333333333 You're the bestest robot buddy ever Robo :D Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 21:55, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

OMG ROBO I LOVE YOU THIS IS SO AMAZING I saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 02:05, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Robo! Seeking Revenge isn't quite finished yet, but it's getting close. I want you to read the full plot, so could you maybe read some other stories on your list there first? Thanks! (if not, it takes forever to read anyways so I could probably finish it before you get there).

So what if you can see thedarkestside of me? 02:29, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Robo, I wanted to tell you that the one I wanted you to read was my show. Is that okay? Fire should be kept a SECRET 03:27, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

You could read Blind after all the others since I want to do more before you do. :)

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 03:34, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

I need  a quick chat.


Hey Robo! Can you code my new series for me? I just want tabs, but I don't know how to make them, and good job on your series Linked! I really like it! (As said in the comment I posted.) ☼Memories are everlasting unless you have amnesia☼~Dawny 17:11, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Oh I forgot to say that the story is Breaking Faith. ☼Memories are everlasting unless you have amnesia☼~Dawny 17:13, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

If you still follow Songfight's Journey, you'll be happy to know that it will be written again, just by a new author. I can confirm that Bush is not totally evil, and that maybe, just maybe he and Song can patch things up.I saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 21:10, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Glad you're excited! :DI saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 21:31, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

HI Robo! I wanted to tell you that your guide for coding was very helpful, and I couldn't have coded my shows if it wasn't for your guide.

I kinda want to know you better, but I really wanted to tell you what a big help your guide was.

I got a call saying I was famous,but it was from 911 22:47, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Does you story have to be finished before we suggust you to read it? 

~Don't ignore the shadows of time~ 23:18, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

It really helped a lot! I used a lot of the colors, and I ended up with a successful coding! Plus, I really like Home. Though I haven't read much of it yet. :D I got a call saying I was famous,but it was from 911 00:00, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Just message me itt ~Misty

New Avatar :D Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 15:44, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo-- I would like to ask you a coding question. Well, sort of a coding question. I'm trying to put a picture into my siggy, and I got it to link to my user page and all that, but every time I edit a talk page it says on the activity that I added that picture to their talk. It doesn't affect anything, it's just annoying. So how do I get it not to do that?

My profileThe storm has been UNLEASHEDFallen Island 23:38, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

EEP! :D AWESOME SONG, AMIRITE? <3 Lethal doses of my own emotions seep into my dreams, and paralyze me 00:18, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

I hope you like this. It's the last one.

There will be a season two.

YO BROS 12:42, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

chat? Gingerstripe Talk! 16:23, August 4, 2013 (UTC)


I made these siggies with the help of your coding help page. :3 Thanks for making that idea. 


Maybe  you'll love yourself like I love you One Direction

The magic of... c o py and p a s t e

Niall of One DirectionIs the best ever. <3

Thanks, Ginger. Gingerstripe Talk!

Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you One Direction

Yeah sure Robo. I hope your'e here now, I've been out all day.I saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 22:46, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo. I saw that Carly Rae Jepsen is one of your idols. YAY. Somebody else who likes her. I saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 00:42, August 7, 2013 (UTC)

Well she doesn't have it advertised on her page XD I saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 00:55, August 7, 2013 (UTC)

True again XD

Maybe I should display my music tastes. IRC? I have about 10 min before dinner. I saw something shiny and it lead me your way... (talk) 01:00, August 7, 2013 (UTC)

Um, Robo? Uh, I think I just censored your reading list up trying to add a thing on your reading list. XD Niall of One DirectionIs the bestever. <3

Hi! I think you commented on my prologue part-thingy for Keep Your Hopes blah blah blah (I'm too lazy to finish the rest lol). Anyway, if you don't mind, will you read the other parts of it? Not many people comment, only Firey, which is good but I'd still like more people to see. Links below.

Keep Your Hopes Up High and Your Head Down Low: Part 1

Keep Your Hopes Up High and Your Head Down Low: Part 2

Keep Your Hopes Up High: Part 3 (name shortened).

Keep Your Hopes Up High: Part 4

Keep Your Hopes Up High: Part 5

Keep Your Hopes Up High: Part 6


Tonight We All Die Young 20:31, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

Here, my friend is your new section from Misty taaa

You just need a new one. xD

Congrats on having to leave.

I actually don't mean that in a mean way. I mean it like it's a big step in life to have to leave something you've been a apart for a year, and I get it. NC is entering dark dramaful(my new word) times, and it makes you want to leave. I actually don't have the courage to leave cuz I would just come back the next day, so it wouldn't work.

(Here's a secret, I actually like turtles better but support Songtrout. Or Troutsong XD)

I was wondering if I could adopt The Lying Games? I'll try and make it the best I can in your mememory <3

Enemies of the heir....Beware...

HI Robo, well, I haven't exactly finished Lock Down, but I got some of it. And I'm pretty sure there is something special for you at Lock Down. ;) Go find out, (I didnt finish it though).

I got a call saying I was famous,but it was from 911 16:32, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

Ugh, finally finished with Seeking Revenge. It didn't exactly live up to my expectations, so I'm kind of scared for the review :P

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  04:35, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

I shall tell you all about it ;)

And have a nice flight! :D LIAM<3ONE DIRECTION 22:32, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Robo! I had one question for you. How do you create a template?

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  04:22, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

Where's my cookie? ;) And though you're still with me, I've been alone all along. 05:02, August 28, 2013 (UTC) (pretend that siggie is as pretty as my new ones...)

Hey Robo? I got your message, but I'm really confused on what I'm doing wrong. I'm attempting the basic stuff (I finished the gradient and the tabber), but I can't get it to work. Could you look here to see what I'm doing wrong? http://brightys-test.wikia.com/wiki/Coding_Assignment_1

I ATE THE PURPLE QUAIL (talk) 14:34, August 28, 2013 (UTC)

Actually never mind. I figured it out. I ATE THE PURPLE QUAIL (talk) 14:38, August 28, 2013 (UTC)

I know it's just orientation, but just leaving a "have a great first day of high school" message for you, because for me at least everything was nerveracking. Have fun, meet friends, and don't die! :D <3 If you're wrong in the way you're right, you're wrong even if you're right 01:29, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

Hi Robo! I need a small favor of you, if you agree. So can you drop me a PM next time you see me on the IRC?

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  03:21, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks Roo. :D You were my summer love  21:04, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

Inside The Mind is my story, you derp. xD

TangleXBlue I luffles you Bluestar!  00:21, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

One thing, um, do I have to read Fate? xD That's my story. Cause... but yeah ok. I got a call saying I was famous,but it was from 911 01:49, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Erm... Sorry Robo, I think you'll have to kick me from the reading club thingy. I'm really busy today, and I'll barely have time to read everyone's stories, let alone finish 2 chapters of Flower Fields. I'm really sorry :( I didn't know I was going to be this busy.

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  16:48, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, okay. I'll still be in the club, if you can just change my story Flower Fields to Amberglow's Mistake (an old story, but I don't really have anything else :P), then Flower Fields in the place of Quenched Flames. Is that okay? I think it gives me a couple weeks to finish Flower Fields and stuff.

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  17:46, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

And Roobear, it might be Saturday morning for me when its Sunday morning for you...just saying. Like le sig? You were my summer love  07:30, September 9, 2013 (UTC)

Hey, I decided that instead of using the IRC I would just ask at this point :)

I'm a member of another wiki, and we need someone who is really good at coding. Would you be fine with/have time to do that for us?

If you don't want to, it's fine, I just thought I should ask :)

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  23:59, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo. One question. I was looking over my stuff for the reading club, and I realize that Is Squirrelflight chose Ashfur is nowhere near being ready for Week 2. I was wondering if I could change my order?

If so

Week 2: Cheater

Week 3: The Last Sunset

And Week 4 stays the same. 

Sory for this sudden thingy, It's just so short.

Also I'm working on the image map.


Naw, ish fine, don't worry :3 I'm really busy as well.

RIPGirlieBest Cat Ever  16:47, September 14, 2013 (UTC)



I know this is really noobish, but...

What is flaming? Ⓒⓛⓔⓥⓔⓡⓟⓔⓛⓣ Ⓡⓤⓛⓔⓢ! 12:17, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

I'm sorry, Robo, this whole week has been a total homework-o-thon. I almost got multiple detentions and my parents grounded me from electronics for a few days this week.

I feel bad that your pissed at me. I'm pissed at myself, and I'm working on getting this done.

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 17:38, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

And just a little P.S.

I was going to make those comments no matter what. I never meant to just abandon it for comments, you know.

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 17:41, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

I hope you will forgive me, as I am desperately trying to get all this done, but my mom is hovering over me threatening to ground me right now. DX

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 18:10, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Ok, I know you probably haven't read the above messages, but I decided I should leave a longer message.

I can see your pissed, feel like I lied, cheated, and stole, but seriously some of that rant was a bit uncalled for. Like seriously.

And yeah, last week was so freaking busy for me. I have been in school and am still trying to get into the groove of things. On Sunday and Monday night, I stayed up until 2 in the morning and STILL didn't finish all of my homework, so I obviously wasn't thinking of fanfiction on those days. On Tuesdays and ThursdaysI have sports and clubs, so I did those, but, on Tuesday I got grounded from my computer and was unable to do squat on it except for homework for 2-3 days. Therefore, that's already 5 or 6 days of the week eaten up right there.

So you don't care if I have a busy life. Good for you, you shouldn't. It's not your life, it's mine, but you still don't know what I was going through last week. Let's face it, you don't.

Sure I was on NightClan for a bit last week, but even on chat, I was mostly idle unless I needed to hear urgent news or settle something. And if you refer to my last blog on NC, then you will see that there is a rumor going around that many of us NC users made someone commit suicide. I don't know about you, but THAT, Robo, is not something I want hanging over my head, so I'm trying to keep an eye on that situation as well.

It was never in my intent to "steal" comments. Seriously, I even started a few comments at different points this week, then my brother closed my screen or shut off my computer when I wasn't looking. Not only that, but I think I'm getting a cold for the second time in less than a month already, so I obviously need to catch up on my sleep.

I also need to eat. I've been almost starving myself on account of all my homework.

I joined your book club, because I love to read. I love to write constructive comments, and I also like to see what critisism people have for my stories. I knew you were going to be pissed at me.

I woke up this lovely morning, to a pissy message. And it hurt. You have known me for a year, but apparently you don't trust me enough to get my comments done, no matter what, (which reminds me that before you rant at me again, I need to write some more of this week's story). Heck, I STILL have to make prizes from contests I made almost a year ago. And I WILL do them. Before I die, I will do them, because I get what I need to do done, no matter what.

So I guess, you probably hate me now, but that's what's been going on. In short, I have a lot of pressure on me, and it makes me want to take a nap on some busy train tracks, and your message didn't help at all.

I'm sorry I had to get mad at you, but I just snapped.

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 18:45, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

P.S. Kick me out of the club if you want to. I understand. I know I'm so freaking worthless that I can't even stay with a book club, so kick me out if you want to. I'll just keep commenting anyway, the only difference will be is that I don't expect any comments in return and I won't have a deadline.

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 18:47, September 15, 2013 (UTC)


Please refrain from leaving harsh and rude messages on users' talk pages. If you have any problems with users you may ask an admin for assistance. Rude and mean messages are not permitted on the wikia. 

This is your first and final warning on the matter.


Fuzzy Blue Lights If you began to wave goodbye... 20:32, September 15, 2013 (UTC)


You know what? Fine. I am a bad person, I lied, cheated and stole. I will try and I will give you my word. But honestly, you got a warning. I don't want to see any rude messages anymore. You were my summer love  23:12, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Fist off, I didn't lie to you. I genuinly thought that I would have time, and how DARE you accuse me of just wanting more comments on my stories? 

I planned to do all my comments on the weekend, because I have school Monday-Friday. I get home at 4:30 EVERY DAY and I'm busy for the rest of the night.

On the weekend, I'd planned to do my comments, but because of unforseen circucmstances, had to get an extension on a science assignment worth 75% of my mark for the term. And because mum only asked until Monday, that means I had to spend about 95% of my weekend doing said assignment.

Of the little time I DID have here, I did some writing, because I really want to get Season 2 of BBTC finished, because I've really got to work on some other things in my life, you know? So, no, I had no time to comment at all this week. I will have more time this coming week.

Get your facts straight before you rage at me again. I don't appreciate coming on here when I've had the shittiest of all weeks and you blasting me for not commenting on stories when you haven't got a bloody clue what's going on. 

TangleXBlue I luffles you Bluestar!  23:47, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, and I've got no time to read all the stories today, because I'm sick. 

Get rid of me fron the blog, and bring on your pissy message. You've really pissed me off, Robo.

TangleXBlue I luffles you Bluestar!  00:05, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Hey um, since you added Misty in, do I have to read Echoing Hazel too? Just wondering. To Fire the World will Fall 03:21, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Hello Roboflight, I still want a apology for your message, but 

I sincerly apologise but my bookclub Seeking Revenge comment will come late because, Im really sorry, rogue stories arent me,

and Tuesday I have two activities straight after school, I will do it, but it will come late. Stormy has said its ok. SorryYou were my summer love  23:26, September 16, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo, I'm a bit confused. You removed yourself from the reading list on the blog, I believe. Am I not supposed to read anymore (unless I choose to, which I would read the rest of Permanent anyways :3)?

To Storm the world will fall 00:06, September 17, 2013 (UTC)


The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 00:18, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

Is it week two now? Because I'mma start reading for week two now. To Fire the World will Fall 03:02, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

hi Robo!

It's been a couple of months since you've edited the first season of your WFW 1 show, Doubled. Just curious if you'd like to keep it going or not? By all means the article will stay up, but if you'd like to take it off the WFW 1 page for a while (I'm going through and removing inactive shows, just to clear it up a bit, so you're not the only one!) to work on it at a later date? Thanks. :)

--to dwell on dreams and forget to live 03:24, September 20, 2013 (UTC)

Yo yo yo Robo,

'Sup? HIMG in da house. (Why am I talking like a deranged '90's rapper?) I think I need to make a new archive for my talk...Please can you tell me how to make one? (I'm a n00b cubed)


I solemly swearthat I am up to no good. 09:20, September 22, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Robo :) Could you do me a favor? Misty, Ginger, and Tangle still haven't commented on Seeking Revenge, and Misty, Rainy, Icy, Ginger, Tangle, and you still haven't commented on Amberglow's Mistake.

Okay, I'm sorry if I sound a bit pushy, but I sort of want this book club to keep itself together. Could you drop them a nice, easygoing reminder on their talk pages if you happen to have time? If I did it, I think it would sound a bit b*tchy, so that's why I asked you since you are in charge of the club.

Sorry, I realize that I've been bothering you a lot lately, I just... yeah.

(PS: I'm going to read Permanent sometime this week, even though you took yourself off the list :))

To Storm the world will fall 04:10, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

Look, Robobot, please DO NOT KILL ME FOR SAYING THIS.

But I read what you were messaging on other people's userpages about the book club. They do have lives, and I know you have a life. And just because they did not comment on an online book club does not mean the end of the world. Plus, they did not cheat, lie or steal (technically). You were loyal and commented, but others might not have the time. Recently, to be honest you've been....I don't know how to say it.

I'm being honest. Honesty is my strong point. I hope next time you message people you're in a better mood.

I solemly swearthat I am up to no good. 18:43, September 25, 2013 (UTC)

If anyone says anything bad to you, or hurts you, or does anything, I will beat them senseless with a brick. 

Catch Me Before I Fall Out Of Arm's Reach Once Again 20:14, September 29, 2013 (UTC)


...it's a funny word. ANYWAYS I was on your user page and it was all like 'HELLO ARTIMAS HUNTER' and I may or may not have screamed a little before I realized it was just a code. (right?) BUT ANYWAYS thank you so much Robo! <3 Don't feel like you have to rush or anything lol. But I'm planning on finishing up 5 tomorrow and maybe starting 6/the new movie the day after that. Anyways, thanks and apologies for the rambling. xD <3 ----You've Got to Leave the GroundTo Learn to Fly...

Hey Robo.

It's HIMG. Though you'd like this, E1S2 of Elements! COMMENT. :D

Only Miss The ☼ Sun ☼ When It Starts To ☁ Snow ☁ 17:52, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

== YO.


Swag, swag, swag on Roo,

Chillin at my laptop while I'm a-missin you,

I don't know about some, but I know I'm crying because this episode of Home


Hey Roobutt. I just wanted to check in on your talk page and see how you're durrin. It's 4 in the morning rn. What am I doing with me life.,

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to let you know how sweet and amazing you are, and always will be. You've progressed so much as a writer, and I hope to see that novel of yours on my bookshelf someday! :) I'm not quite back full time (I'm so cruel, I know) but I'll check here every once in a while, keep up with y'all and maybe try and meet of few of the new-noobs. 

Considering how some of the new-new users know about me, they talk like I'm some kind of strange legend. Hey, I have had my 1-year anniversary here. It was July 4th, and I thought about y'all the whole time I was dealing with crazy little cousins and handing out barbecue sandwiches. 

I'll be sure to keep in touch, okay? If you need me, my Skype is @SukeeWarriorWolf (don't even ask, please). Im sorry I wasn't here for you and for everyone through this horrible time I've been gone. Buisiness is almost taken care of, and I'll hopefully be back full-time shortly. And yes, Hawkstar does collect kit whiskers.

With love, Nighty

-- She dreamed of para, para, paradise 09:06, October 15, 2013 (UTC) (my old siggie wow)



S2 E1.


PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE you asked for it. :D

Only Miss The ☼ Sun ☼ When It Starts To ☁ Snow ☁ 18:23, October 16, 2013 (UTC)

Well, we can both enjoy reading eachothers shit. :b and omg Brighty already told me that y'all had moments of silence for me i cAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ACTUALLY LIKE ME THAT MUCH WOOW 

And to be honest my Internet friends are more trustable than most of my irl friends tbh. shit talkin hoes.

anywhale i'm gonna be gone this weekend unfortunately, i've got softball stuff. fun fun fun. and by "fun fun fun" i mean i have to take a 45-min drive and still be at the fields wide away by 8:15 ready to practice before the tournament! yay! 

but yeaaaaaah love you roobear <3 and, although i didn't think you could get any better at coding, you have. I MEAN LOOK AT YOUR USERPAGE I DON'T EVEN WANNA KNOW HOW LONG THAT TOOK JESUS CHRIST

Your personal buttface,


-- But in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace? 21:03, October 18, 2013 (UTC)


Please comment! :D

Only Miss The ☼ Sun ☼ When It Starts To ☁ Snow ☁ 15:36, October 27, 2013 (UTC)


This is for you. <3 (Haven't started yet but will soon)

Only Miss The ☼ Sun ☼ When It Starts To ☁ Snow ☁ 12:55, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

So I assume that Brighty has told you everything?

Omg Robo, thank you thank you thank you for that beautiful message. You made me cry. I love to know that there actually is someone out there who cares for me, and I wasn't expecting it to be you honestly, since I'm still a noobydoob and you're not. But now I love you too, and I don't know what else to say because I'm not very good at writing long hearfelt messages. Just that I'm so grateful that you understand. You made my day.



To Storm the world will fall 23:58, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Hey there Roo! I just wanted to to say hi, and make sure you're okay, since we haven't talked in forever. Hope you can get on soon, and we can chat someday! <3 ya Roo, (I've read Home. Just didn't comment, though I should [extra sorry]) ~~Firey

To Fire the World will Fall 03:04, November 5, 2013 (UTC)

That was a wonderful speech :3 And Home, you've got to continue. You can't just end at Season Three! (please! <3) I'm doing well, and spending some of my free time on here, and if you ever have time, perhaps you can continue reading my Sun and Moon (Series)? =P I hope you're grades go up and you get more time for here!

Love, Fireyyyy

To Fire the World will Fall 04:27, November 10, 2013 (UTC)

Oh and Roo? Should I keep writing Spy Torture? To Fire the World will Fall 05:07, November 10, 2013 (UTC)

ayyyy But in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace? 22:56, November 10, 2013 (UTC)

Hm, it was fun writing it, but sometimes, I just couldn't find a good plot. I think I need to sit back, and start planning for once. A lot of times, I just go with the flow. Though if I write it, you'll come over to read it right? ;)

To Fire the World will Fall 02:34, November 11, 2013 (UTC)

making a new section just bc

Well, I was planning to go see that, but lameass movies are not my specialty. Movie Critic Robo keepin it real. (It's 1 in the morning and I'm just now respondind to you. Oop.) "Who looks at something and thinks, oh, that could be a little more sonic?" 06:58, November 11, 2013 (UTC)

i always imagined becoming french to be like a transformation, almost like a werewolf. "STAY BACK, IM FRENCH ON THE F--" *suddenly transforms into striped shirt and beret* "hon hON OUI OUI BAGUETTE"

that was a beautiful drawing, btw. i dont know french so um, ily2 but in french --"Who looks at something and thinks, oh, that could be a little more sonic?" 02:31, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

The user page stalker

Your user page is too coded, i become green with envy if i try to stalk it. I was stalking tangle's talk and i saw one of you sigs. Do you like Star wars?

Star Wars <3

oh BTW

私は氏イングランドを愛する (talk)

Oh, I uh, totally knew that was, uh Spanish. I don't know how to say ily more in German, but I can count to ten. (Eins, zwei, drei, bier, funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn.) 

I don't doubt that your art skills are better than mine. Seriously, you should see what my digital stuff looks like when I delete the sketch layer. It's pretty scary. (And btw, I made a music video, sorta. It's me agressively singing along to Passion Pit and dedicating it to WFW. http://writernighty.tumblr.com/ [at the top] ) ----"Who looks at something and thinks, oh, that could be a little more sonic?" 01:09, November 16, 2013 (UTC)


and no, i don't think i have a twin. idk. maybe i do. (that would be weird omfg) --"Who looks at something and thinks, oh, that could be a little more sonic?" 23:28, November 16, 2013 (UTC)

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