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Hey Ponygirl! Im actually making a story about a horse, I'll post it!

Here's Chapter One

Hope Anderson road on top of Parsley, her beautiful light brown horse with a cream mane. She was riding it up a rocky hill, stroking him gently every time they cantered over a rock. She pulled his reins anytime they got close to a small jump. She smiled, Hope had been with Parsley for three years now, and she was very attached to him. He neighed and stopped near a ditch. Hope sighed, they would now have to go back home.

{C}“Darn…” She groaned and started to tug his reins to the right.

{C}He turned left and he started to trot back down the hill.

{C}Hope had her eyes steadily locked onto every rock that could put the young horse off track. She blinked seeing a boulder that wasn’t there when she was cantering up.

{C}“How’d this get here?” Hope said her blonde hair ruffling in the breeze.

{C}She took her boots from the stirrup and slid off the horse; Parsley neighed a bit but then settled. She walked over to the boulder and inspected it, looking at it all over like it was a diamond.

{C}Parsley tilted his head a bit and neighed in confusion.

{C}Hope nodded smiling a bit at the horse then looked back at the boulder. It was big and blocked her way, nothing to get her back to the SilverMoon Ranch. She looked to Parsley, he was a bit restless. Sighing Hope looked around.

{C}She moaned. “I guess we just need to jump that small ditch….”

{C}Parsley flinched a bit. He practically shook his head but Hope hopped back onto the young horse. She tapped his sides with her ankle and he started off on a steady trot. Once Hope knew they were getting close to the ditch she started to make Parsley gallop. Then when Hope could see the ditch and gripped the reins and Parsley jumped.

{C}“Whoa!” Hope gasped.

{C}They hit the ground with a startling thump almost throwing Hope off the horse.

{C}Hope took a deep breath. “Careful there…” She soothed.

{C}Parsley neighed and whinnied happily.

{C}Hope grinned. “Happy aren’t you? Your first actual jump.”

{C}Parsley neighed again and they started to go higher up. Hope struggled under the steep ridges but there was no way else to get back to the ranch. She bit her lip and gripped the reins tighter in her fists.

{C}“Come on Parsley….Do it…” She urged.

{C}Parsley grunted in dismay and he trudged on, slowly at every step. Hope swallowed and winced kicking his sides a bit harder, but Parsley kept at his slow pace. Hope let out a breath of relief when they hit a nice smoother land of the Rocky Ridge trail. She grinned and kicked his sides gently with her heels and they started to gallop. Hope closed her eyes letting Parsley lead the way as she loosened her grip on the reins.

{C}“Good horse…” Hope murmured opening her eyes.

{C}She stroked Parsley’s cream mane and smiled looking to the sun as it was at the point of setting in the sky. Hope saw the flecks of gold from the sunset as it hit Parsley’s coat.

{C}She laughed lightly. “You look a bit funny.”

{C}Parsley threw his head up and neighed in joy. Hope smiled and ran her fingers through his mane smiling. Parsley seemed to enjoy this ride too, even though his legs were dragging a bit. Hope blinked seeing a flash of light.

{C}“Huh?” She strained her neck trying to see where it was coming from.

{C}It was a car.

{C}Hope gasped trying to turn back but Parsley was stunned, he wouldn’t move.

{C}Hope’s lip quivered. “Move!” She cried.

{C}She looked to the ground, she hadn’t noticed that they had passed into a dirt road, but the car was going higher than the speeding limit.

{C}“Stop!” Hope yelled.

{C}But the car wouldn’t stop, it kept on going, her voice being drowned it the roar of its motor. She looked wide-eyed as it came closer and closer until she was hit.

{C}Everything turned black.

{C}Just black.

{C}Hope opened her eyes and blinked in the light of a hospital.

{C}“Hope!” Her mom hugged her. “You’re awake!”

{C}Her mom’s name was Amber, Amber Anderson; she had curly brown hair and dark blue eyes.

{C}Hope winced. “Mom? What happened?”

{C}Amber sighed. “You got into an accident… The car didn’t see you and Parsley was too shocked to move.”

{C}Hope gasped. “Where’s Parsley?”

{C}Her mom shook her head. “He’s at the vet’s.”

{C}“He survived?” Hope started to grin.

{C}“Yes…But we can’t keep him…” Amber looked to her feet.

{C}Hope’s grin turned to a frown. “But...Why?”

{C}Amber twitched her foot. “He was pretty banged up; they think he may never be able to actually ride again.”

{C}“So…We need to put him…” Hope swallowed. “Down?”

{C}Amber rested her hand on Hope’s arm. “I’m afraid so, the doctors aren’t sure but…It’s hard to take care of a horse who can hardly walk.”

{C}Hope quickly pulled the hand away. “But! We can!” She cried.

{C}Amber hugged Hope. “Darling, it’s alright…I’m sure if you can ride again we’ll find a new horse.”

{C}Hope’s eyes widened. “What do you mean, if I ride again?

{C}Amber twiddled her fingers. “Hope…Well in the accident...” Amber stopped.

{C}“What!” Hope demanded.

{C}Amber sighed. “They had to remove your leg.”

{C}Hope gasped. “Wait, but, How?”

{C}“Well, they replaced it with an artificial one, but it seems you might not be able to ride again.” Her mom struggled to say.

{C}Hope shook her head mouth wide open. “But…No!”

{C}She pulled off the hospital covers seeing her leg was very different, there were stitches where her thigh met her leg. She gasped and pulled back up the covers.

{C}“Can I walk?” Hope looked up.

{C}Amber nodded. “Yes, but you’ll need to be in a wheel-chair for a couple of weeks after you come out of the hospital.”

{C}Hope slumped back into her bed. “Parsley, my leg, but…When will I get out?”

{C}Amber shrugged. “You’ve been out cold for two days, so you have about a week in here.”

{C}Hope swallowed back her tears.

{C}“So I might never ride again?”

{C}Her mom blinked. “I’m afraid I don’t particularly know yet sweetie.”

{C}Hope slumped her hands to her sides.

Parsley…What will happen to him? She thought.

Enjoy! FrostA White Pool In the Black Lands?

Chapter Two

Thanks for liking chapter one so much! I'd love being friends, heres chapter two,

Hope let her mom roll her out of the hospital in the wheel-chair. Her hands were in her lap and she was aching to hear the news about Parsley. Her mother promised her that they would go to the ranch to see the vet there. Though her father was on a business trip and wouldn’t come back for another two months she knew that Michael, her father, already knew about the accident and would come back as soon as he could.

Her mom helped her into the white van they owned and Hope immediately saw her little brother, Tom Anderson, he had light brown hair with blonde streaks and green eyes. Tom was only about seven years old and Hope was ten.

“Are you okay? Did a car kill you then did you come back to life?” Tom teased.

Hope rolled her eyes. “No, but I did get a fake leg.”

Tom’s eyes widened and he stood silent until Amber started up the car.

“Hope, do you want to stop anywhere to get something to eat?” Her mom asked buckling her seat belt.

Hope shook her head. “No way, straight to the ranch please.”

Tom stuck his tongue out at her. “Horsy-girl.”

“Better than a guy who picks his boogers and eats them!” Hope retorted.

Tom spat at her. “Do not!”

“Do so.”

“Stop it guys.” Amber said strictly.

Hope huffed and looking at her legs, in the back of van was the wheel-chair Hope had to roll in for the next few weeks.

Tom pulled over his small bag he brought everywhere and brought out his video-game and started to play it. It felt like hours until they pulled into the dirt road that led to the SilverMoon Ranch, and their house.

“Finally!” Hope let out a breath of relief. “It was hours of beeping noises from Tom’s game.”

Tom muttered and put the video-game back into his bag and swung it into his hands.

Amber stopped into the ranch’s driveway and looked to Tom. “Now let your sister see Parsley first.”

Tom sneered. “Like I would want to see that flee-bag.” He opened the door to the car.

“Nerd-face.” Hope called out before he shut the door and headed to the house.

Amber opened the car door and walked around to the back of the van and opened the trunk pulling out the wheel-chair, opening it, then rolling it to Hope’s door of the van. Hope opened the door then struggled to get into the wheel-chair.

Amber shut the door and smiled at Hope. “He’s in the big stable, honey.”

Hope nodded and started to roll herself into the stables; she opened to latched door then rolled in. She smelt the sweet smell of the horses and started to roll over to the big stable, she un-latched the lock the rolled in. One vet was standing there and smiled at her.

“Hello Ms. Anderson.” He grinned.

Hope laughed lightly; it was weird being called that. “How’s Parsley?”

Dr. Phillip, the vet blinked. “Look for yourself.”

Hope rolled in a bit more then saw that Parsley was laying on his side breathing normally. But Hope was shocked to see his hoof and partial front left leg was cut off.

“Is he…Okay?” Hope gasped.

Dr. Phillip nodded. “Perfectly fine, but the defect is…He will have a limp.”

Hope looked up her hands in her lap. “Will he be able to ride?”

“I’m sorry to say, but no. His condition will only allow him to walk, and it will take a big concern just for his exercise.” Dr. Phillip sighed.

“What should I do?” Hope hung her head.

Dr. Phillip bit his lip. “All I know is that you should talk to Mrs. Amber about it. I’ll take care of Parsley while you’re gone.”

Hope nodded and rolled backwards as she rolled out. She slowly rolled up to her door and rolled inside then she went to the dinner table, sliding the wheel-chair in as her mom set out the food.

“Spaghetti.” Hope murmured as she twirled her fork in it.

Amber looked up. “Isn’t it your favorite?”

Hope nodded. “Yeah, but...I’m just not that hungry.”

“Oh.” Her mom took a mouthful.

Hope sighed and looked at her brother; he was stuffing his mouth like a pig.

Hope looked away. “Eat properly, little piggy.”

“Is something bothering you, Hope?” Amber asked wiping her mouth.

“Well Dr. Phillip said that since partially half of Parsley’s leg was removed, he can only walk and never be ridden again.” Hope looked at her dinner.

Tom swallowed the noodles. “That’s not good.” He muttered.

Amber saw that Tom had finished his noodles. “Put the plate in the kitchen sink darling and then go take a shower.”

Tom rolled his eyes and got up and did what his mom said, and then Amber looked back to Hope.

“Hope, we’ll talk about this tomorrow, go relax in your room, I cleaned it up and your bed is made. Watch television or something, its summer.” Amber smiled getting up and pushing Tom’s and hers seat in.

Hope sighed and rolled herself to her room, she creaked open her door and rolled the wheel-chair inside, closing the door behind her. She looked around; the rooms seemed so different since she’d been in the hospital for a week.

She looked at the pictures of the horses on her walls, her special riding helmet and extra stirrups hung up on some hooks on the wall. She rolled over to the closet and opened the door, inside was some clothes and a saddle was in the corner, with a grin she picked it up and pulled out her secret journal she kept under there. She put back the saddle and looked at her notebook. There was a page that said this.


Today Parsley and I are going on the Rocky Ridges, sounds exciting! I just hope nothing bad happens I doubt it though. I’m the best rider in history; Tom just ruined my toothpaste today by “accidently” putting spicy mustard in it. Lame. So mom and I went to the store and bought a new tube of toothpaste, mint flavored, like I love. Well I’m going to take Parsley to the Ridges.

Hope Elizabeth Anderson

Hope rested her hand on that journal entry, the day her and Parsley got into the accident. Hope rolled over to her desk on dropped the notebook on it; she flipped to a new page and got out her pen she started to write.


It appears that on the Rocky Ridges I got into an accident, it’s very horrible. There was a boulder in me and Parsley’s way so there was nothing we could do to get back to the ranch, so we went the other way. We appeared on a dirt road and a car hit me and Parsley. It was dreadful, I awoke in the hospital three days after the crash, it seems that my right leg had to be removed and replaced with a fake one; they say I’ll have a limp. I’m in a wheel-chair right now, and I got home today, a week after I awoke. Parsley got his left leg half removed, and they say I’ll never get to ride him again. What should I do?

Hope Elizabeth Anderson

Hope put her pen back into the pencil holder; she re-read the entry again and again until she just had to put it back into her secret hiding spot. She sighed and flopped into her bed, leaving the wheel-chair right beside it. She slowly ran her fingers down her face, feeling a pretty big scar that went across her cheek. She sighed and un-did the covers pulling them over her. She didn’t care about sleeping in her clothes; all she cared was to talk to her mom about Parsley.

Hope opened her eyes, the sun shining through her window. She ran her fingers through her hair and stretched. She flipped off the covers and looked at the scars where they attached the new leg. She slowly touched them, feeling all zigzag under her hand. She sighed and pulled herself to her wheel-chair and rolling out of the room, her mother was in the Living room watching television.

“Mom,” She said rolling in.

Amber looked up. “Oh, Hope, you’re awake.”

Hope nodded and looked at her mom. “Can we talk about Parsley?”

Amber smiled and nodded. “Come here honey.”

Hope smiled and rolled over to the couch, struggling onto it beside her mom.

“So what are we going to do?” Hope asked looking at Amber.

Amber let out a deep breath. “I really don’t know sweetie…” She sighed.

Hope looked at her mom with her big light green eyes. “What if I could walk him around the pasture?”

“You’re going to have to do it two times a day though…” Amber sighed.

Hope bit her lip. “So…?”

Amber took her daughter’s hand. “Have you ever thought of a replacement horse?”

Hope shook her head. “I want Parsley…”

Amber kept her hold on the hand. “Sweetie, I’m sure we can keep him, but if you can ride again after getting off that wheel-chair, we might have to find another horse.”

Hope rubbed the back of her neck. “Maybe... But, I don’t think I could take care of two horses.”

“I could walk Parsley around the pasture and you could clean him and feed him. It’s just like riding him but feeding Parsley twice and bathing him twice with two horses.” Amber smiled.

Hope blinked looking down. “I’ll have to think about it, but I’ll never give up on Parsley.”

Amber smiled. “An Anderson never gives up.”

Hope smiled too and nodded. “Yes, an Anderson never gives up.”

FrostA White Pool In the Black Lands?



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