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Hi, Niko Banks! I am Forestpaw13, the head honcho over here.
I see you wanted to learn more about warriors? I can give you a small idea:
Warriors is a book series about cats living together in Clans. They work together to defend their territory, raise small cats, gather food, and make sure every cat stays alive. Every cat has a different role in the Clan, may it be leading, healing, fighting, or learning how to be a better member of their Clan.
To assert their position in the Clan, each cat is given a two-part name to describe who (or what) they are.
For example, suppose you had a little kitten named Mouse, and at the age of 3 moons (about 3 months), he decided to go join a Clan. He would be called Mousekit, because he's a kit. At the age of 6 moons, when he can become an apprentice to either a warrior (hunter/gatherer) or a medicine cat (healer/prophecy interpretor), he will have his name changed to Mousepaw. When he becomes fully trained in the profession that he chose, he will gain a warrior name, let's say Mousetail. If he ever becomes a leader, he'll have his name changed to Mousestar. Clan names are part of a cat's identity, and they bear them with pride. Having a cat's name changed could mean a change of character.
The Clans believe in a spiritual Clan: StarClan, who see the future and give cats prophecies and omens in the hope to warn them. Cats are not their puppets, however, they make their own choices, and their choices either lead them to success or demise.
If you have any questions, just ask around and read fanfictions! Into the Wild by Erin Hunter is where the start of this amazing series begins, and then once you know enough, you can start browsing around. There are comics (they're called manga, but they're more like an insult to manga according to my Japanese friends, lol), Super Editions, and as of now, 22 epic books to read.
I hope I helped!   Forestpaw13   talk    contribs    email  

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