Name: Lionfire

Description: Long-furred ginger and white tabby tom with pale green eyes. 

Personallity: Easy-going, friendly, good at getting what he wants, kind of quiet and rarely speaks, he enjoys getting attention, but not too much of it at once, he dislikes being alone.

Clique: Popular

Other: none

Name: Moonshine

Description: Silver tabby she-cat with vivid green eyes.

Personallity: has a attitude, will not give up until she has what she wants, friendly, demanding, energetic

Clique: Popular

Other: none

NAme: Graycloud

Description: Gray, black and white tom with blue eyes.

Personallity: laid-back, very friendly, kind of quiet (But not as quiet at Lionfire), enjoys being out of the camp, good sense of humour, has a certain charm to him.

Clique: Drama

Other: none

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