Yeah, I knowhe's gone on vacation via airplanes, but statistically you probably have. I actually find it pretty funny that whenever the President goes on vacation, it's cut short. Like, a newspaper headline might say "Obama plans to spend weekend in [insert state here] with his family" and then the next day it'll say "Obama cut short vacation due to [insert current event/disaster in the nation]"

Are you going to judge me as someone who destroys the environment because I've been on planes a couple times? I bet most of the people here have been on planes, and they probably don't hate the environment. Plus, most of the flying the President does is not for vacations.

Oh, and Zaffie, we do have prove. And the proof is DINOSAURS! I think dinosaurs are the best proof ever, of any arguement. Get in a debate with someone, and support your opinion with dinosaurs. Automatic win.

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