You asked me to do one, so here it is! :)

Title: Shy

Characters: Faith (Pretty silver and cream tabby she-cat with soft blue eyes) Lionsoul (fluffy ginger and white tabby tom with pale green eyes)

Faith is not a clan cat, but she's not much of a rogue either. She's soft, as if she was a kittypet, but that is because she is too skittish to get into fights with other cats. She fears other cats, and has no recolection of her family. (Whatever happened to them, she was so tramatized by it that she blocked them out of her memory). One day, Lionsoul (a AshClan warrior) helps her, and she realizes that not all cats are bad. However, this realization does not overcome her shyness, and she must find a way to be courageous enough to achieve her dream of joining AshClan. With Lionsoul's help, she does, but she still struggles with shyness. She must overcome her shyness and become her true, confident self to feel like she really belongs.

There are 2 clans near AshClan: ForestClan and StormClan.

Oh, and 1 more thing. Faith and Lionsoul become mates, and Faith's warrior name will be Faithheart.

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