You have a good point here Arti. If everyone grows up, this wiki can be the happy, fun wiki this was made to be, where warriors fans from anywhere in the world can come and write fanfictions and share opinions, becomeing a tight-knit community of warriors fans. This is the whole reason I joined wikia in the first place. So everyone who needs to grow up a bit, please do it. I hate to hear about the drama that's happened here, and wish it would all just stop. Though no matter what, I will not leave this wiki just because of some drama or bullying that's happening, even if I'm the one being bullied (Which hasn't happened yet thanks goodness). I'll hang in here. I may not be the most active person here, but I get on when I can between things happening in my growing buisier life. I'll hang in here, no matter what, at least until I grow out of warriors or get to busy to come on (But I can't see that happening.)

So yeah, that's my opinion. Thanks for reading!

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