1.What you think you should be? - Warrior

2.How active you are - I try to be on every day, and I'm usually on at least once a week.

3.Your personality - shy, smart, can be crazy once I get to know people better, peaceful (dislikes tnsion between people), doesn't like taking sides most of the time, friendly, loves being around other people.

4.Which clan would you rather be? -ThunderClan

5.Which Clan you are the most like? (DIFFERENT THEN #4) - ThunderClan

6.How LONG you've been a user - over a year

7.Rights - none

8.Friendships - Rainy, Robo, Nighty, Birdpaw, that's all I can think up now, but anyone else who considers me their friend is my friend.

9.Assumed leadership ability - Because of my shyness, I usually don't assume the role of a leader for very many things, but when forced to take the role, or when a leader is needed, I can comfortably fill that role.

Cat: Cinderdapple: Silver and gray dappled tabby she-cat with one green eye and one amber eye, white chest, tailtip and paws.

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