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    September 30, 2012 by Zaffie


    In the wake of the massive blamoodle (yeah, I just made up a word. Wanna make something of it?) which happened like last week, after which a bunch of people said they were quitting, resigning from staff or being demoted, etc, I thought I'd seize the chance to say this. Because it needs to be said, even though we all try not to.

    There is a reason which the minimum age for joining Wikia - any Wikia - is thirteen. And that is because more often than not, before thirteen, people just aren't mature enough to cope with the internet. It's not just an age thing, either - children of eleven or twelve years are just beginning puberty, chock-full of hormones which make them grumpy, weepy, emotional messes.

    Now not all thirteen-year-olds are mature e…

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  • Zaffie


    September 26, 2012 by Zaffie

    Hey, guys.

    So I just resigned my admin position.

    Yeah, that sucks. :/ I'm pretty damn miserable about it, because I was looking forward to being a member of staff practically since I joined the wiki and saw how awesome Forest and Hiddensun were, but there you are.

    My reasons for resigning are mostly personal - let's just say I've felt a lot of hostility directed at me since I got promoted, and if going back to just being a regular user is the way to get rid of it, then that's what I have to do.

    I'm really sorry to all of you, but most especially to Birchy. Good luck!

    Thanks. I loved being an admin while it lasted. :)

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  • Zaffie

    Zaffie's Legacy Tales

    August 16, 2012 by Zaffie

    Okay, so most of you who go on IRC will already know all about my various legacies and will have read them. But for those of you who DON'T visit the IRC cave where I lurk and breathe fire over unwary travellers.... well, click on the following links! It shall do you good, I tell you.

    Anyway, for those not in the know, a legacy as used here means a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge. It involves playing many generations of family on Sims 3, taking pictures and creating a commentary on a blog site for anyone who is interested to read. At the end of every generation there will be a poll to choose the next heir - and that's why I'm advertising now. A lot of my legacies…

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  • Zaffie


    August 12, 2012 by Zaffie

    In the spirit of the Olympics, which were awesome and are now over, SEIZE THE CHANCE TO WIN YOUR OWN GOLD MEDAL IN THE WARRIORS READING MARATHON, starting on the 15th of August!

    It's a friendly competition which is more about the reading of the books than the speed at which you read them - but just for the sake of it there will be gold, silver and bronze medals handed out, as well as participation certificates for everyone. It's been great fun in the past, so I encourage you all to participate again - it's even better with more people!

    COME ON, GUYS! THE LINK IS RIGHT THERE. JUST CLICK AND SIGN UP... QUICKLY! I'm storming doesn't really work if you come with me. 23:10, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Zaffie


    July 26, 2012 by Zaffie

    There once was a turtle named Si

    Who was made out of hot apple pie

    When confronted with mess,

    He said "Oh, I confess,"

    And was locked up in prison to die.

    There once was a turtle named Simon

    Who spooned soup into bowls at St Tie-Bon

    He said "What to do?"

    "I've lost my best shoe!"

    And started to sing a loud cry-song.

    Simon the turtle was purple and blue

    He had eight silver wigs and a hullabaloo

    I turned up at the Abby

    Si said "Look, it's Gabby!"

    And ran to the door with a great big 'atchoo'!

    So recently my mother sent me to some weird brain thingy post-surgery (don't ask). It involved a lot of boring pointless and tedious exercises with my mind while sitting very still with electrodes on my head. I got so bored that I started composing some Seuss-style po…

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