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    Bushfire Season

    January 7, 2013 by Zaffie

    So for those of you who don't live in Australia, the term 'bushfire' might be unfamiliar. Well, let me tell you, the term strikes a chord of fear into our hearts. In America, Canada, England or other places across the globe they might be called wildfires or forest fires, but here they're bushfires and they're a menace - our own personal natural disaster. Other countries have earthquakes, tsunamis and floods (well, ok, we get the floods too) and we have fire.

    Right now, which is 9:41 PM on Monday, the temperature is still 23 degrees (that's roughly 73 degrees for those of you who use farenheit) and it soared to a whopping 38 (100) degrees during the day. From midnight tonight, a total fire ban has been placed on many of the communities and c…

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  • Zaffie


    December 22, 2012 by Zaffie

    Yes, I'm back to my old ways - creating RP sites which have a few short months of glory and then peter out and die. xD This time it's Ragnor which is getting put back in the spotlight! I'm attempting to bring it back to glorious active life, so please, if you remember being a part of it before and enjoying it, now is your chance to go back! If I nagged you to join but you never got a chance to see what all the fuss was about before it died, go back! If you're generally new to WFW and/or my hairbrained schemes, go check it out! You just might like it!

    Ragnor Wiki is a very basic form of RPG - role-play game. You, the users, have a chance to create a character in a fantasy world, watch their race and appearance get selected randomly (much lik…

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  • Zaffie

    YE GODS!!!!

    December 21, 2012 by Zaffie

    It's the 21st December 2012, it's 10:19 PM and according to this countdown clock I found online the world ended 9 minutes ago. Yikes!

    So I guess I missed the end of the world. I was writing when everything around me exploded and turned to ash, and I'm actually kind of annoying that I got distracted xD. Oh well. That's it! We're not dead! I'm glad! Although I can't help wondering what I would have done if the end of the world was inevitable and I had a countdown clock. Probably watched TV till an hour was left then gone out and danced in the middle of the road before hugging my dogs. Or something.

    BUT WE'RE ALL STILL HERE! Or Australia is, anyway. I dunno about the Northern Hemisphere... good luck, you guys. xD

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    November 21, 2012 by Zaffie

    So, yeah. I'm in New Zealand and am stuck here for at least the next nine days... boooo. I'm not enjoying it at all. (Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit). End of story. Just don't expect to see me around for a while. And hopefully I'll be home soon hooray!

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  • Zaffie

    So, this blog has two purposes. Read it and weep. (DON'T WEEP! I cry when people cry.)

    Purpose numero uno. Legacies. Specifically mine. Yes, this is 1/2 an advertising blog. xD BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN IGNORE THIS SECTION.

    Okay, so here is the link to one of my Sims 3 Legacies. They urgently need more readers, so even if you don't play Sims 3, read them for ME! This one in particular needs your help, because there is an HEIR POLL! And I need VOTERS!

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