Zaffie Zaffie 19 June 2013

This Is The Question - And This Is The Hole In The Question

Yup, a great big fat hole right in the middle. Like a jammy dodger but without the jam... or the dodging. I mean, trust England to come up with the only biscuit in the world that tries to get away when you eat it. Your mouth looms on the horizon... DODGE! You bite empty air. (For those Americans and whoever else in the audience, jam is also called jelly. I don't even know what Americans call jelly, it's all too hard for me to follow.) SPEAKING of America and crazy things they have with peanut butter, my sister imported this jar of something called 'Marshmallow Fluff'. The jar reccommends that you eat it in a sandwich with peanut butter, but neither of us have been brave enough to try that yet, although she did use it as the icing on my bir…

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Zaffie Zaffie 21 May 2013

Damn, Tornados

So here's hoping that no one on here has family or friends in Oklahoma. The news about the tornado is just playing on Australian TV now and it sounds absolutely horrific, so best wishes to anybody involved. Bit of a waste of a blog, I know, but really the only way to reach everybody these days. What kind of a community are we when half of us are on IRC and the other half encourage people to communicate through the chat of a different wiki? This isn't how WFW is supposed to be.

I can understand people wanting to be on chat for a role playing wiki they are part of, but come on, guys. Spend some time on WFW chat as well! You are all part of this wiki, right? Or is NightClan the only community you want to be involved in? Maybe venture onto the …

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Zaffie Zaffie 10 May 2013

All Right, Folks

Firstly, it's been like, months since I made a blog. Exclamation mark! That's like... totally lame. I suppose I'll just say I was doing my bit for the community by not clogging out activity with blogs... or something. Yeah.

Secondly! On to the point of this blog! Which is exciting! As some of you should know, I get my kicks out of making up a new RPG sort of thing (or restarting an old one) every few months. And now it is the turn of the Silverwick Saga to make a sparkling comeback!! I shut it down mostly due to inactivity last time, but all you people who love it won't disappoint me now, will you?!

So, to those who have never heard of Silverwick, here is a brief explanation. You click THIS LINK: and then you…

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Zaffie Zaffie 25 February 2013

WFW AWARDS (the informal non-adminy version)

Ok, so, I've been talking at Arti and I have a cunning plan. I WANT WFW AWARDS AGAIN and I thought I'd peer pressure her into doing it by getting all you guys on board. xD (or was my plan to help her by getting a wide range of ideas? *gasp* I guess you'll never know)........(yeah, it was the peer pressure thing).

Now, the last time we had the WFW Awards things were chaotic and awkward. So I thought I'd set up a bunch of polls to determine which way you guys feel is best to organise it this year! Roll on the polls!

Ok, so after you've voted in all of those polls, feel free to comment with any ideas you might have! Arti totally appreciates your help! (LOL, no she doesn't)

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Zaffie Zaffie 17 February 2013

Zaffie Is Making A New Collab And Drinking Beer

It's bad quality beer, too, and it tastes apalling. But I'm just warning you that I'm quite possibly drunk during the making of this blog.

SO, as all the sensible users here will know, I've made like two collabs in my wiki lifetime. Both of them died. It was sad, especially for Beyond, because that collab was DAMN AWESOME. But I've foolishly decided to try again, and so... without further ado... Shiver!!!!!!

Now, the plot is a SECRET except to those users who join (*gasp*) so you'll all just have to wait and find out about it. I do have SOME information for those wishing to join. Here is a brief list of rules.

  • Yes, this is a collab - but even though I intend to brainstorm with my fellow collabers, I will be the one informing people of the plo…
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