Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Greetings, friends, strangers, members of the wiki, human beings. And Birdpaw.

Why have I come here today, you ask? Well... I HAVE CHOSEN TO CREATE A SIGGIE MAKER!!!!! DUN DUN DUN. That's right, ladies and gentlemen and Maplefern. A siggie maker. For all those poor new users who can't work it out (we were all there once, don't be ashamed), for those who just can't work coding, and for the older users among us who are just lazy. Now there is a solution!

Just post in a comment the details of your siggie - what you want it to say, what colours it will say it in, whether you want a background or a border, and what you want it to link to (including out of site links) and voila! I shall create it for you, and give it to you so that you can set it as your siggie! HURRAH! Note: if you want a picture in your siggie you will have to provide said picture yourself. Isn't this a splendid plan, my not-so-green-minions and Artimas Hunter?

Anyway, my fellow Earthlings and Wetstream, this plan is truly marvellous for several reasons. One, it will help new members. I had to learn to create my siggie by copy-pasting someone else's, and it was a long a tedious process. Now I can HELP people! And two, this project will give me something to do which will prevent my boredom while I am recuuperating from an ILLNESS. So, line up, single file, and TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT YOUR NEW SIGGIE TO SAY!

See you later, everyone. And you too, Stargaze.

FROM ZAFFIE THE AWESOME (all hail myself).