So because a mysterious user-who-shall-not-be-named asked me, and was enthusiastic and encouraging, I have decided to start a new round of the WRM! Aka the Warriors Reading Marathon.

Brief rundown - for those not in the know, the Warriors Reading Marathon is a competition I started back in the day to get people reading and remind us all why we love Warriors :D It's been done... three? Maybe four times, and it's always wildly popular (pfft, duh). The rules and other basic information can be found on the page, so I don't want to see anyone asking me questions here which the page answers.

As usual, there'll be more-or-less a week for competitors to put their signature in the Joining section of the page. I'll begin the competition in roughly seven days. The only difference is that this year, for the first time, I won't be participating. This is because a) all my books are packed away in boxes and b) I'm in the second half of Year 10 and stuff is getting really tricky, so I just don't have the spare time. But never fear! I will preside cheerfully over the competition and keep a steady eye out for cheaters. So uh yeah, just don't cheat. It's not worth it, the competition is mostly for FUN and also BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE READING WARRIORS YAY.

Because I stopped buying the books a while back, I'll need some people to tell me which books are missing from the page and which ones I should add. Everyone cool with that? Good! :D

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