It stands for Warriors Reading Marathon, and that's right, folks! It's almost time for that... time again! So, because we have an influx of new users, I'll quickly explain it.

The Warriors Reading Marathon is a friendly competition designed by yours truly. It involves reading all the Warriors books in order as fast as you possibly can - whether you own them, borrow them from the library or have them in ebook format. There's more information on the page, so go there and check it out!

Once again I am giving people plenty of warning, so if you need to start requesting books from the library go ahead and start doing it now. The new Marathon will start on the 10th of July. Write that down, people, JULY TENTH. That's right. :D So get ready for it! This year I plan to win! (I won't win.)

Oh, and I'm also planning to make an awards page for the Marathon so that your success will go down in history. I shall put certificates there which people can put on their userpages if they so choose. :D

Anyway, go and visit the page, read the rules, see what you think, yada yada, and then sign the 'Users Participating' section! I intend this year's Marathon to be bigger and better than ever! No excuses! This one isn't just about the winning - it's about the participation! So go! Sign! Get ready to read!

Peeps, I've had to push back the start date to the 30th of July - cos I have to go up to Syd to visit my surgeon. So start reading on the THIRTIETH, okey dokes? THE THIRTIETH DAY OF THIS CURRENT MONTH OF JULY.

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