StormClan is alive again! It has been improved, conditioned, and brought back to life, and I strongly urge every one of you to try it out! All the old cats have left, sadly, so once again it is starting from scratch, but I am sure x100000 that it'll soon be as fun as ever.

For those of you who weren't here when I was desperately advertising StormClan last time, it is the awesomest RP site in the history of the universe (MistClan and DarkClan come a close second. REALLY close) and you all need to join it right now. Please? This is a ZaffieBeg.

Yayness!!!! I'm just buzzing with awesomeness! Join StormClan the awesome. Join it now!

Here is the IP, BTW BOOKMARK IT!!! (yes, Wetty, that was to you)

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