LOL, so, this is the best word I've ever made up. I said it completely randomly RPing on MC with mah peeps (xD) and then my friend came over for a sleepover. Some of you know her as Draggie. Anyway, in the middle of the night I remembered the smorvgil. Here's how that went down.

Zaffie: *pretends to wake up suddenly* Whoa, I was just dreaming about smorvgils!

Draggie: *sleepily* What's a smorvgil?

Zaffie: *pretends to be astonished and amazed* You mean... you've never heard of a smorvgil? Seriously?

Draggie: *confused* Nooooo.... what's a smorvgil?

Zaffie: *shakes head in amazement* I can't believe you've never heard of them. They're only the biggest and most well-known mythological creature in the world! They're even more famous than vampires and werewolves!

Draggie: Right. Well, I've never heard of them. What are they, exactly?

Zaffie: This is terrible. You poor uneducated girl. Text your boyfriend, see if he's heard of them.

Draggie: Sure, okay.

Texty-Text From Draggie: Hey, BF, Zaffie wants to know if you've ever heard of a smorvgil?!

Draggie: We'll wait for him to reply, since it is 1AM. So, Zaffie, what is a smorvgil?

Zaffie: *thinks fast* Um, well... *stalls for time* Wow, I can't believe you've never heard this story.

Draggie: *looks suspicious*

Zaffie: *thinks even faster* Okay, so the smorvgils were a race of demons from the Dark Ages. In fact, they were supposed to be the cause of... all that darkness. So anyway, they were fairly typical demons - you know, leathery skin, long fingernails, huge bat-like wings. Big sharp fangs, etc, and they were really really dumb. *stalls for more time* Are you sure you've never heard of them?

Draggie: Nope, go on.

Zaffie: Okay, so, the story goes like this. The smorvgils used to steal the children from this one village and eat them - naturally they only stole the naughty children, you know how this goes. Anyway, the villagers got pretty fed up with the smorvgils stealing all their children, because even though they had no contraception in the Dark Ages, these poor villagers just couldn't produce children as fast as the monsters were eating them. *stalling* You with me so far?

Draggie: Yup.

Zaffie: Okay, so, the villagers came up with a plan so that there would actually be a next generation to look after their village. They got all the alchemists together *stalls* you know what alchemists are, right?

Draggie: No?

Zaffie: They turn metal into gold.

Draggie: Oh, right, yeah. I've heard of them. Go on.

Zaffie: So, the villagers got all the alchemists together, and the alchemists made this huge vat, and they filled it with molten gold. Because the smorvgils were attracted by shiny things, like magpies, you see. Anyway, the alchemists filled the vat with molten gold and all the smorvgils just dived right into it. *sees epic massive plothole* And... I don't know why none of the smorvgils burnt to death even though it was molten gold. But you know these fairy tales, they're never very well thought out.

Draggie: *nods*

Zaffie: *snickers*

Draggie: What was that?

Zaffie: *makes tremendous effort to keep straight face* Right, so the smorvgils just dived right in. But somehow the magic contained in such a tremendous amount of liquified gold changed them. The people of the village had always known that gold was magic - and when the smorvgils emerged from that vat they were different. Changed. They were no longer the dumbest creatures alive, and they felt a craving for well-done steak instead of raw children now. Their skin had become golden in colour, and their fangs and fingernails had shrunk away. Even their wings had changed from bat-like and leathery to white and feathery. And they became a force for good, a force to be reckoned with. From then on they protected the people of that village, and they had so many children that they almost died of over-population. And that's the evolution of modern day angels.

Draggie: Cool.

Zaffie: Yeah.

  • they wait in silence for a few minutes. Draggie's phone buzzes*

Draggie: Oh, hey, my boyfriend texted me back.

Texty-Text From Draggie's BF: LOL yeah, I think so. Maybe?

Draggie: He says he thinks he's heard of them.

Zaffie: Ahahahahahaha, that's funny, because I just made them up just then! *cracks up*

Draggie: *glares* I fell for that, didn't I?

Zaffie: *still laughing* Did you... seriously... believe me? AHAHAHAHAHA.

Draggie: Yes. Shut up.


Draggie: Well, at first I thought you were making it up, but then you said about how there was like a hole in the story about how they didn't burn up in the molten gold, and I thought that sounded like fairy tales.

Zaffie: That's hilarious! I only said that because I realised I'd left a huge plothole! AHAHAHAHAHAHHA YOU GULLIBLE!!!!!! :D

Draggie: -_- I hate you.

After that we went to sleep. xD But damn, my on-the-spot imagination is good. To be fair I had a good amount of practice this time last year, when I was babysitting my little cousins and making up stories to tell them at bedtime. I made up a different story every night, and I had to tell thim as quickly as I could and make them interesting for an 8 year old, a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 3 year old. That was challenging. But anyway, I just felt like sharing that story with you all. xD

Oh, and there's more news! So, for those of you who play the Silverwick Saga (and anyone who doesn't play it really should) if you are under fourteen, the Silverwick Sidelines have now been released! Because the Saga contains some *ahem* mature material, I created the Sidelines, which are stories that are just as interesting and choicy but without the blood, guts, gore and... other mature aspects! xD So, folks, if you held back on the Saga because you felt too young for it, hold back no longer! Go play! :D

Oh, and hey, I just saw Brave, and it's totally awesome! xD I reccommend going to see it with your Mum, if you're a girl, and with anyone if you're a boy. LOL.

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