I'm AWOL. You may have noticed, you may have cheered (yeah, noobs I don't like, I'm looking at you) you may have cried or you might just not have been paying attention and have no idea why you haven't seen me for yonks. If that is the case, I hate you and would like to hit you in your face with a watermelon. So don't bother commenting 'Ha ha ha I totally didn't notice you were gone!'.

In other news, I'm AWOL because one day I was just chatting to a bunch of you (not naming names) and suddenly everybody was grumpy. And I mean EVERYBODY. Like seriously, I was on IRC and it was full of grumps. I was on Facebook and it was full of WFW grumps. All of their grumping was getting me down and making me miserable, and suddenly I thought; if being on WFW and talking to these peeps is making me sad instead of happy, then it's time I stopped doing it. And so I did.

But, it's occurred to me that there are several people who I like and who I would like to keep in touch with, so I should find some way to do that. I am on Facebook, if you feel that you're someone who misses me then you can contact me there. DAMN IT ARTI JUST FRIEND ME ALREADY. Other than that, I'm pretty low-key on the internet, and since I'm staying off the wiki, I might be hard to find. You can currently find me at where I am conducting reviews of television shows. Is it an awesome site? HELL YEAH. Should you go there even if you don't want to contact me? HELL YES. So, those are the places where I can be found. I will always be lurking around, under bridges, like a troll, but I like to be sneaky like a ninja so good luck tracking me down.

Occasionally I will answer messages on here. I probably won't. It's a good idea to try anyway if you desperately want to talk to me.

You have now all been provided with your alternative methods of communicating with Zaffie. For those who don't care about my disappearance (and since I've recieved no 'where the hell is Zaffie' messages, I'm assuming that's almost everyone), don't bother contacting me. But DO go to because it's AWESOME OK GUYS PLEASE I WILL GO TO YOUR SITES IF YOU GO THERE.

D Zaffie out.
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