Hullo, hullo, hullo. Yes, you may all bow. Or just be generally surprised to see me, you know. So, I shall now be seizing the chance to set some things straight. We've had a confusing month.

Yes, I was banned. Forest banned me for nine months, and also applied for a wikia-wide ban. This was because of some things Vi told her I did. But when Forest heard my side of the story, she realised that I hadn't actually been as bad as was described, and the wikia-wide ban was not approved, and my ban was reduced. And now my ban is gone. Basically, Forest and I are still friends, huzzah, and... yeah. That's it.

The wiki is kinda weird now, since a bunch of people are leaving, and Arti's head admin, and we're all generally confused about everything. Well, I know I am. I spend a lot of time being confused. But, do not give up hope! Because... um... just don't!

Seriously now, peeps, the wiki is still going to be awesome. And, after all, we come on here for the stories AND the company, right? And just because we've lost some people and had some drama doesn't mean we all want to stop being the WFW community! And it's up to us now to make sure that the wiki is still here for all those people who go Googling 'warriors fanfiction' just like I did two years ago when I joined. We must keep the wiki the same fun, exhilarating and exciting place full of stories that it was back then! Now, we have an epic head admin, and pretty soon she'll choose herself an epic deputy admin or two. Basically, we can't do much to help Arti with that decision, but what we can do is keep the story side of things and the community side of things nice and happy. Don't leave, guys, because Forest has left. Stay here for the sake of your remaining friends! Be happy! Write stories! COMMENT! And don't let it feel like a chore. If you're starting to run out of Warriors Fanfiction to write, write snippets of other stories in blogs! Get approval for your stuff from the other awesome writers here. And just... well, just remember the reasons this place is so important to you. Don't forget that.

Oh, and if anyone else has read Skulduggery Pleasant... I MISS TANITH LOW!!!!! D:

Okey dokey, peoples. Take into account the stuff I have said, since it was only like... the second partially serious blog from me. Or something. And just HAVE A HAPPY WIKI DAY!!!! :D

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