Hey peeps.

Unless you're super awesome (yay, super awesome people) you are a noob and you are all, "Zaffie? What is this? Who art thou? Let's not go to Camelot, it is a silly place..." or something along those lines.

Fortunately, I am super awesome and I know others who are super awesome and I am here to announce something super awesome, which is that I am working on a new and improved version of SILVERWICK! Cue cheers. Yay!

So right now it's in Beta Testing, which means I want some Beta Testers to go and check it out and report back to me any bugs or other problems they might find.

If you are fourteen or over, and you think this sounds cool, then please head to !


School got boring so I dropped out like a badass, I miss all you guys and I am sad IRC is dead. We need a new place to hang out! Also if you are my best bud then tell me what is up with YOUR life in the comments :D

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