Zaffie Zaffie 9 May 2016

Why Do I Have To Give This A Title? This Seems Unfair

because I can't think of a title.

So, I was just trolling around, as one does (actually I was looking for a photo that I thought I left on this wiki but apparently deleted and then I was deleting other photos that I didn't realise I left on this wiki but apparently did) and I saw that some of my peeps still exist.

Hi, my peeps! What is up? Who is still here? What are you still doing here? How's life and pandas?

Cake for all. Tell me what you're up to in the comments.

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Zaffie Zaffie 21 December 2014

IDK Something To Do With Pie Or Bananas Or Whatever I Usually Say

Hey peeps.

Unless you're super awesome (yay, super awesome people) you are a noob and you are all, "Zaffie? What is this? Who art thou? Let's not go to Camelot, it is a silly place..." or something along those lines.

Fortunately, I am super awesome and I know others who are super awesome and I am here to announce something super awesome, which is that I am working on a new and improved version of SILVERWICK! Cue cheers. Yay!

So right now it's in Beta Testing, which means I want some Beta Testers to go and check it out and report back to me any bugs or other problems they might find.

If you are fourteen or over, and you think this sounds cool, then please head to !


School got boring so I …

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Zaffie Zaffie 24 September 2013


I'm AWOL. You may have noticed, you may have cheered (yeah, noobs I don't like, I'm looking at you) you may have cried or you might just not have been paying attention and have no idea why you haven't seen me for yonks. If that is the case, I hate you and would like to hit you in your face with a watermelon. So don't bother commenting 'Ha ha ha I totally didn't notice you were gone!'.

In other news, I'm AWOL because one day I was just chatting to a bunch of you (not naming names) and suddenly everybody was grumpy. And I mean EVERYBODY. Like seriously, I was on IRC and it was full of grumps. I was on Facebook and it was full of WFW grumps. All of their grumping was getting me down and making me miserable, and suddenly I thought; if being on …

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Zaffie Zaffie 30 July 2013

WRM (no it's not a devowelled worm, it's the Warriors Reading Marathon!)

So because a mysterious user-who-shall-not-be-named asked me, and was enthusiastic and encouraging, I have decided to start a new round of the WRM! Aka the Warriors Reading Marathon.

Brief rundown - for those not in the know, the Warriors Reading Marathon is a competition I started back in the day to get people reading and remind us all why we love Warriors :D It's been done... three? Maybe four times, and it's always wildly popular (pfft, duh). The rules and other basic information can be found on the page, so I don't want to see anyone asking me questions here which the page answers.

As usual, there'll be more-or-less a week for competitors to put their signature in the Joining section of the page. I'll begin the competition in roughly sev…

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Zaffie Zaffie 3 July 2013

Under Bridges We Lurk (Like Trolls Of Yore)

OK. WHO IS READY FOR THIS? Me! I am! Get on with it!

So, after a resounding sixteen votes to 'yes' on me starting a new collab (and one 'no' vote... screw you too, Stareh xD) I am ready to try again! But first. Rules.

These are the rules. You can tell that they are important because they are in bold. And also italics. AND EVEN CAPS. SO PAY ATTENTION.

Rule 1: If you join this collab, there is to be no whining. No scallywagging, no irritating whinging, and no dawdling. By which I mean; my word is law. Absolute unadulterated law. Think of me as Arti, only less forgiving.

Rule 2: You have one week to write your chapter from the time when I give you the plot. That is it. Understand? I'm gonna say it again, with more emphasis. ONE. WEEK. No ifs, ands, or …

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