aka Wildheart, W-fur, W-heart, Wildy, Wildeh, Wolfy, Wolfeh

  • I live in Holland
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Seni├Árita
  • Wolffur

    This is very important. Maybe you found out that an Anonymous user leaved rude comments, and that it is my IP-adress. It wasn't me. I'll explain everything. I was very impressed of this site, so I told my nephew of it (it was before I created an account). Sometimes when he came visiting, he wanted to go behind my laptop. I think that were moments that he leaved rude comments, or messages maybe.

    I'm really sorry this happened. I'll make 10000% sure it doesn't happen again. I'm 1000000000000 times sorry this happened. To all of you. It won't happen again. I promise.

    Eliane Vosse Proud Gryffindor! 16:19, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Wolffur


    September 24, 2011 by Wolffur

    Hi everybody. I will be a bit quieter now, cause years ago, my cat Gijs died, and the date of his dead-day is over a few days. So that's the reason I'll be a bit quieter now.



    is like a bird

    sitting on your shoulder

    waiting to get you


    is part of life

    everyone dies

    one day


    takes away people you love

    but remember one thing

    nobody is ever really dead

    they live farther in our hearts

    MemorialFor Gijs... Goodbye, I'll never forget you...

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  • Wolffur

    Fav kitty and pairing!

    August 12, 2011 by Wolffur

    I have a few questions for you.

    1. What is your favorite cat?

    2. What is your favorite pairing?

    3. What is your least favorite cat?

    4. What is your least favorite pairing?


    My answers:

    1. Cinderpelt

    2. Cinder(pelt) X Fire

    3. Willowshine

    4. Sand X Fire

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  • Wolffur

    Tigerstar is not that bad!

    August 11, 2011 by Wolffur

    Much people do hate Tigerstar, but he is okay!

    First, he just wanted the best for his Clan! Can you blame him for that?!

    Personally, if my leader brought in kittypets and loners, I would'n be that happy too!

    Second, he trained cats in the Dark Forest, so that cats became stronger.

    Even in his dead he tried to make his Clan the best! That I call doing your best! So everyone, Tigerstar is not as that bad!

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