....I had to make a blog about it XD.



Yeah, it'll be 7 people, and it'll be called Deep To Drown.

Don't chew me out about the name. I like it! It's aboud seven survivors who have just gone through a flood. No one else from their Clan is alive. Isolated from other cats, and their Clanmates, they face several choices.

Turn into a kittypet, go their separete ways, form new Clans, or simply die?


The collabers are:

Whitey, with Iceflight- white she-cat with barely darker gray patches, ice-blue eyes, and a caring personality. She'll help anyone, regardless of their Clan. ThunderClan.

Fiery, with Duskbird- a brown-and-grey she-cat with a hot temper. ShadowClan.

Brighty, with Thistlestep- A quiet, trod-upon gray-and-white she-cat with a limp. ShadowClan.

The Homework Avoider (Yes I'm doing that XD) with Silversong- A silver, odd half-rouge she-cat with a lonely past. ThunderClan.

Book with Darkleaf- a black, lonely tom with a better-than-you sister (Why did Book put in the only tom? :P) RiverClan.

Holly, with Meadowsplash- a cream-furred she-cat with a pampered, spoiled personality. RiverClan.

Fasty, with Fastpaw- an adventerous, fun-loving dark ginger she-cat with an eye for trouble and different Clan toms. WindClan.

And, last but not least,

Flutter, with Maplespots- A fast, tortoiseshell she-cat with a short temper and caring personality.

Thanks for all the comments! (Feels extremely popular and happy) :3

On more thing: I can't code for the LIFE of me, so if someone wants to do it, go on ahead. Just message me and I'll tell you what I want. Thanks :)

NOTE: The people who own the Clan needed cats, please edit your comment or put a new one sating your Clan. No ShadowClan! Bright Fire (a.k.a Brighty and Firey's names combined) already took it! 

Thanks so much for all the ecomments! (Gives cake, cookies, and ice cream to the collabers)

Shadows Are Dark Mirrors OfYourself 03:07, April 3, 2014 (UTC)

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