Hey guys!

This blog will be sorta like a journal I guess?


I'm officially on summer break, which yeah, we typically get off super early since we go back the first week of August.

This school year has been just a lot for me. It was extremely hard on me emotionally, as I had a lottt of friendship issues going on and my own mental issues. I've talked about having depression before, but mixed with it is extreme anxiety including social anxiety. It's very bad and it's something I desperately want help with. It gets to the point where I can barely leave the house without getting extremely anxious (agoraphobia, I suppose?) and any change in my everyday schedule sets me off. I fear nearly everyone and judgement from people I don't even know.

It's gotten to the point where I'm going to have to see a psychiatrist and get some real help because I can't keep living like this. But that's a brighter look, as getting help will let me live my life normally again.

A year ago, at the end of March, I came out to my friends. I came out as nonbinary, as that was the gender I felt most comfortable with. However, figuring out who I am has been a struggle since then. It's hard to express everything the way I want when I live in the conservative south that loves to shove their opinions down my throat while I just try to be me. I get my hair cut almost two years ago, ultimately I get called slurs by people I don't even know, because yeah, kids are mean.

For those who don't know, nonbinary genders are those that don't fit in the gender binary of girl or boy. Gender is spectrum where you can land anywhere on. Lately, I've decided that I want to express myself more masculinely than before. If you've been on here long enough, yeah, you'd know that I use to present myself as female and femininely. But I feel more comfortable as a trans masculine person than what I was before. I'm currently going as Kade, and those who knew my name before, I'd appreciate it if you no longer used it.

I'm not out to my family and I'm only out to my friends. It's something I'd like more people to know, but like I said before, the south ain't the safest place for that haha

As for romantic orientation, I'm demiromantic and asexual. Which means I only get romantic feelings for those I've developed an extremely close bond with. I've only experienced these emotions for 2 people my entire life, so ya know, I don't really get crushes haha.


I'm trying to get back into Warriors and I really want to get the first book of the new series. I will eat up whatever the Hunters give me no matter how long and drawn out this series gets. Even if the novels get a lil... repetitive....

Anyways, I still want to finish The Ocean along with the Journey Series, despite how long... it might... take... haha.

I've also been on the wikia for over 6 years? sicc

Hit me up yall I have a twitter, skype, and tumblr where you can all find me and it's lit.

see ya

Wetstream 01:58, June 1, 2016 (UTC)

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