Hey everyone! You know MistClan the story on here, well I made a RPing site for it! But it's not finished quite yet.

It's a Clan based from MistClan in the Misty Skies series, you can have fun and take adventures, though it won't be big from the start it will keep updating until it's exploding with new features, once I get some main stuff up I'll be able to give you the URL!

Post a comment on here, tell me ONLY if you want to join, nothing else, no discriptions on here, and I will give you a special password for a page only for Warriors fanfic wikia members once the site is up!

So, doesn't this sound awesome!

Website-http://Mistclan101.piczo.com Secret password for secret page- Warrior111

EDIT- MistClan101...Now called MC most of the times, loyal, faithful RPers. Generations of cats, more territory. More than just Lake, Pine Forest and Field. Three new Clans and history's revealed. Spammers attacking lol....(They were banned, no need to worry.) Two new admins that grew from Admin in Training to full blown mods. Plots and phrophecies fulfilled. Betrayal and then traitors turning into leaders, cats passing away that were some of the most loved ones. Shadows turning into light that showed new things to gasp at or even work your way into. Threats, dogs and the cats called 'Pure Ones'....Then good ol' DeathClan that risen two times then the same times were destroyed in an epical battle. The Day of Black Sun (Heh, some people know where I got that name from) an eclipse that made three cats destined (Along with some help) to defeat Death who ended up commiting suicide to save Heart and Forestheart. Rage dying from heat overload....(You wouldn't understand xD) that Softcloud caused, Shizz coming back and taking Rage's raven feather (Uncovering he was Ravenclaw) and telling her that he was Antpelt. http://deathclan101.piczo.com/?cr=2 for more info on it lol. Then of course the FreeClan disaster with all the dramatic stuff haha....Then the Moorland cats, (Mostly only Arti and I know about it...) ah yes...

So that's mostly a re-cap on the year (4-24-10 - 4-24-11) :D MISTCLAN THRIVES!

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