So I'm going on vacation for a long while.

My cousins who live in China are coming, you know the ones who came from December-January. Wow, a lot happened in January... *shudders* Well, they're coming on Monday, and then a week after we'll be going to South Carolina.

We'll be going to Oconee State Park and staying in an awesome cabin. There's a watering hole, hiking, and fishing and a lot more stuff and I'm really excited.

Right after we'll be going to Florida (MAYBE) for two weeks to hang out with family and stuff. This means four weeks of pretty much COMPLETE inactivity since there is no internet/phone connection in the mountains where we'll be staying in South Carolina. In Florida it really depends if my sister brings her laptop or not and even lets me on it. One of those four weeks I'll be in sparingly, which will be the week before I go to South Carolina, which that week starts tomorrow xD

So please guys, don't really expect me to be on or anything, I play a big role on this wikia but I can't stop vacationing time for the summer.

Story Stop? Maybe

Guys, I KNOW how much everyone HATES Story Stops, I always thought they were not needed until I saw how many are in the category for Candidates for Deletion. There's like four pages of articles that need deleted. Also, if you search 'delete' in our wikia's search, you'll see a bunch that need deleted that weren't in the category. If Wetty even gives in and says we NEED a Story stop, we really need a story stop. I left a message on Arti's talk page, since she's head admin and stuff.

Thanks for reading :3


I'm not your brother! I never was! 03:52, June 10, 2012 (UTC)

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