Hey guys! Instead of making a 'fun and awesome' blog I've made more of a 'concerns and ideas for the wikia' blog. 


I big thing I'm concerned about is one of the most easiest things you can do to a fanfic.


Comments are things to show that users enjoyed and read the story. However I feel that the problem isn't the lack of comments but exactly what people are putting in the comments. 

To be honest I think just saying: "Awesome story, or cool fanfiction!" is the easiest way to say that you probably just skimmed the story and haven't really read it.

Come on guys, we all know we've done that at least ONCE. The story looked long so we just skimmed over it and wrote a message to just make the person feel nice.

What I've realized is that comments like that are boring and practically spam on a story in my eyes. I mean, yeah they're awesome and cool probably, but why? 

Like you can't just say: The story is so cool and awesome since you have such nice grammar and the story and plot fits so nicely!

Naw that don't work. That could be used for any story (Unless the grammar really sucks).I think a really good comment should involve characters and things from the plot and stuff to like actually be a comment about what the story is actually doing.

A comment on if I was commenting on Into the Wild: I love how Firepaw was very timid in the beginning, yet still had a longing to venture outside the borders of his garden. During the end it shows how he became stronger and was willing to fight for his friends, something he wouldn't have ever though to do when he was just a kittypet in his nest. 

See? I made a comment on character developement during the story. That is a grade A comment for stories like the ones on our wikia.

Another comment for Into the Wild: I found it quite interesting how in the start of the story it had Bluestar and Spottedleaf gaining an omen from StarClan which would soon become a huge part in the storyline. It also was amazing how everyone had believed in the start Redtail had died from the RiverClan warrior, Oakheart, but was actually revealed by Ravenpaw that he was killed by Tigerstar, which was a huge plot-twist within the story. Spottedleaf's death felt sudden and unexpecting at the end though, making the story a fantastic heart-tugging book.

That was a fine comment on the general story. Each of those comments and many more like that would MOTIVATE a ton of people to write more and be happier with their stories!

Another type of comment you can do is critisism. 

No I'm not saying you can go off and say: THIS STORY SUCKS, DELETE IT NOW!

That is a bad comment, and frowned upon by usually everyone.

Critisism means like edits they might want to make in the plot how the characters are acting and such.

So if people want to comment I suggest you guys comment like this, or just don't comment at all, since if you're just going to say 'awesome' then why even read the story.

Another thing is the CONTESTS.

Contest Idea!

We're getting a buttload of contests lately, and by buttload I mean like once one user makes one, every user makes one.

But what if we had a page for contests? Like you make your blog and we could make like a Current Contests page and a subpage for past contests and winners and such? We could put like how many spaces there are left for people to join and prizes they could win and things like that.

We could also have a section for seasonal contests, like contests made for if it was Christmas or Halloween or any other holiday. This would keep track of the contests so that if people felt like joining one they could. 

I need some people's opinions and if they'd like that if they want it before consulting Arti if I can make the page for it.

That's it everyone :333

Circle me And the needle moves gracefully... 22:41, December 5, 2012 (UTC)

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