Alrighty, lemme just tell you guys a few things.

  1. I'm leaving yee
  2. You all suck at comments :D
  3. Follow the gollydarn rules.

Like many of you guys know I made TWO BLOGS about how to comment correctly. Let's just say like a good sum of you blew me off.


NO. Omfg NO. Quit making comments like this, cause most likely if their story is doing well, they're not gonna stop writing it! They will eventually write more without those stupid-ass comments.

Comments like: Wow I really liked your character developement with so-and-so. I also think that blablabla could be changed to blabla.

Things like that are acceptable. Heck, I don't care if you make an entire paragraph devoted to your thoughts on the current chapter or whatever. You don't have to make a paragraph of constructive criticism or just your thoughts, a few well-made sentences are FINE.

Write more omg I love everything eee!!! Is not okay.

The comments you guys are leaving do NOT make the writer feel accomplished or happy. Those comments do not show you read the story at all. Make a small comment about the characters and how you liked or disliked what happened, that SHOWS you actually read some of it!

How else is this gonna get through your heads? Do I need to start giving warnings on people's talk pages for making crappy comments? Cause if it continues, I will. Just stop, please.

Another thing about comments is that when a random user is scrolling through the wikia activity (like me) I see comments containing SPOILERS. 

I hate it cause the story ends up being ruined for me and several other people. From now on, I ask if you guys would put like SPOILER ALERT or something in your comments so people can see it contains spoilers. This is gonna help a ton, because I already know like a bunch of cats who die and things like that from just scrolling through wikia activity.

Another thing is that soon the staff is gonna have to update the Rules page. There are lots of rules that are outdated, need to be changed, and need to be added. However it would be fantastic if you guys just glanced at it and suggest things we need to do. You guys are the ones who use this wikia daily, so if you want new rules all you gotta do is suggest them. We don't bite (usually...).

As you saw above, I said I was leaving. Yeah, in four days I'm gonna be going to Florida. So I'm not actually leaving ok? I just needed something to get you guys to keep reading. It's obvious how much you blow everything off, so I needed a hook to get you to read all of this.

I will be gone for 2 weeks. I think I'll be heading home on the 26-27. 

This means my activity on here will be extremely low until I get home. After that I only have a few days home before I actually have to start school. (Schools starts August 1st for me.)

My activity on here won't lessen much while I'm back in school, since computers are like my life. So no worry there.

However while in Florida, if you guys have anything super urgent to tell me, please feel free to leave me a message on skype.

Skype: KatieSabatini

(No, Sabatini is not my actual last name. God knows how many times people ask me that.)

I usually have my skype up on my phone at all times, so If it's super urgent, I'd get back to you quickly. 

Of course, if you'd like to say hello, you can feel free to. Just don't have lengthy conversations, since I will be hanging with my family in Florida...

Keep in mind that the other admins, Arti and Red, will still be on the wikia. So I'm sure if you have any problems you can see to them for help.

Thanks everyone!

Fuzzy Blue Lights If you began to wave goodbye... 18:52, July 8, 2013 (UTC)

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