Hey everyone! 

You see that navigation bar at the top of your screen? The one that leads you to things like the rules, featured users, staff, etc? Well, as you can see there's a section for Featured Stories. Also, as you can see, those stories are extremely outdated and haven't been updated in over a year.

I'll be taking in entries for new featured stories on this page! For July and August and once August is almost over, you're able to enter for September and October. This is just to make sure the user submitting a story is still active during those months!


  1. You gotta be an active user, which means at least actively editing/commenting on stories. Not just blogs!
  2. You can enter in stories, series, songfics, shows, etc.
  3. Story doesn't have to be complete, but at least one chapter is written, so you're not just submitting a blank story!
  4. You can only submit a story every other month, so every user gets a chance.
  5. Five stories per month, first come first serve.

In your entries, please link to your story and please leave a small blurb beside your story so we can put it on the Community Messages and (Upcoming) Featured Stories page. This'll also give users some insight on the story, which will hopefully give everyone more readers and commenters (:

So leave your entries below!

Thanks guys, have fun!


  1. Rise by Cchen3
  2. Affection by Bramblefire3118
  3. Frost and Sun by Foxstep1
  4. Blood and Secrets by Pinefur
  5. Legendary by Seabreeze123


  1. Maybe I'm Dreaming by Stormver
  2. Corruption by MusicListener Flareon
  3. Polar Zone by Rainsplash987
  4. The Night Prophecy by Lokilog
  5. If Cinderpelt Lived by Hollywhisker

Kade 02:04, July 4, 2016 (UTC)

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