Warriorfan123 Warriorfan123 4 January 2018

Blazey's Brilliant Bout

Greetings, all. 

No matter how talented a writer you are (or consider yourself), you started off your writing journey in Cringeland. Here, you're grammar was atrocious. You were not quiet sure what spellcheck was. You may have occassionally thrown in a bombastic word to look sophisticated when really, you had no idea what it meant or what context it should be present in. 

All these poor young writers fall hopelessly prey to cliches. Let's be real... I'm pretty sure a solid 75% of you have written a Harry Potter- Percy Jackson crossover at some point. I'm sure you all had your mary/gary stu... especially in Warriors. That perfect little kit with a prefix mentioned in an ominous prophecy-prologue who could defeat a badger the moment they stepp…

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Warriorfan123 Warriorfan123 24 December 2017


Hey guys!

So I think I speak for most of us when I say that 2017 has been one of the most trashy years in the history of the universe (right up there with, like, 1347, when the plague was trolling Europe). But let's try to end it on a positive note- and read these amazing, under-appreciated stories I'm recommending to you to close off the year. 

In true Christmas spirit I'm recommending twelve stories (ha twelve days of christmas omg i'm so smert) that I feel deserve more recognition. I'd urge you to all comment on them and give them the attention they deserve! Please don't be upset if one of your stories isn't on this list... chances are I didn't read it or thought it was doing fine enough on its own without my promotion. I limited myself t…

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Warriorfan123 Warriorfan123 10 November 2017


Thanks, Dogfood, for reminding me... can always count on you to do something unintentionally useful for once

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Warriorfan123 Warriorfan123 3 June 2017


Hi, everyone!

School just ended for me, as it probably did for most of you. I don't think I made it through alive, there's portion of my soul that's shriveled up and dead. Also really glad my season is over because I hated playing for two hours after a school day.


I'm writing this just to let (those who care) you know that I won't be on much because I will be studying for exams!! yay!! and I'm sure that's the case for many people here also. Gotta study to keep that A rip. 

If I do come on chat or something, please yell at me to leave. That would be appreciated, since I usually do one page of review and then complain about how tired I am. I can also procrastinate better than anyone in this entire world. 

So- what're you guys doing for su…

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Warriorfan123 Warriorfan123 6 November 2016



So, two years ago today, I was a bored little nerd who wanted to write fanfiction (I am still a bored little nerd) (who wants to write fanfiction), so I joined this site with poetic username 'Warriorfan123'. I still don't know what went through my head when I created that username. 

I haven't been active for most of those two years but shh. Time has flown. 

Both myself and my writing have both changed in these past few years. This place has really allowed me to grow as a writer, so thank you all for putting up with my cringey old fics! I really love this community, because I never feel unsafe or unwelcome. 

Getting to know all of you these two years has been great, and thank you all so much for making those years amazing for me

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