aka David

  • I live in the great Ol' U.S of A!
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is A 10th grader
  • I am a guy who loves to play games, act, and write anything from fantasy to scifi!
  • WarriorcatZ1324

    Hello. I'd like to introduce myself to some newer users, and those who might have forgotten me.

    I'm WarriorcatZ1324, but you can call me CatZ.

    I'm a 16 year old theater enthusiast, computer geek, male furry fan who loves Warriors, and I've been here for three years. I write generally popular fanfictions here and on for multiple fandoms, including Warriors, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and soon to be Sgt. Frog, Skyrim, Minecraft and Portal, as well as many original stories.

    I'd like you to welcome me back into your close-knit group, and my best Fanfiction, also my oldest, The Twoleg Prophecy, is off hiatus as of today, with a new chapter and two music videos to accompany it.

    Sorry for my absence. I've got a play called And A Chi…

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  • WarriorcatZ1324

    Hiya guys!

    Let's get right to the punch!


    • I have turned sixteen, baby! Yeah!
    • School has started... again. T.T
    • SGT. FROG RULES!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I love it so much I've begun writing a fanfiction... T.T'

    Online news:

    • My Regular Show fanfiction is going swell! Plenty of reviews and three chapters of awesomeness.
    • The Twoleg Prophecy 2 is being written in. Sorry I haven't posted... :(
    • My Minecraft addiction...! Is worse... T.T

    Okay! On to the FEATURED STORY OF THE MONTH!!!!

    Darkness Rising by HollyleafOfThunderclan

    It's good so far, and I hope HollyleafOfThunderclan keeps it up! I've always wanted to write a Dark Forest-related fanfic... o3o Good job, anyways!

    Uh... Is that all...? There isn't much to say... I kinda said everything in the new…

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  • WarriorcatZ1324

    Hey peeps!

    I can't believe it's DECEMBER!!!! :D Christmas is only 20 days away! :) Well, Christmas EVE... :P

    Here's the Featured Story of the Month! (Forgot DX)

    Corruption Within by Birdy

    This story is a very captivating, interesting read, and after just reading a little of the story, I hated Iceclaw! Check this out, it really is a good read! :)

    Anyways, onto stuff IMRL:

    • Had the worst sick week ever. Also my most productive week evar :)
    • Put up our CHRISTMAS TREE!!!
    • Still don't know what to get my parents... :(
    • 10 days of school left!
    • Something secret... You should ask me what it is in the comments... ;)

    In internet 'life':

    • Worked on my awesometastic Regular Show Fanfiction on! Here's a link for you awesome people out there! http://www.fanfic…

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  • WarriorcatZ1324

    Hai Guys! :)

    Sorry for the absence, but I've still been writing, don't worry!

    Now for the news. IMRL (In My Real Life):

    • I Love to Party Rock :D
    • Got a new haircut (Wasn't that excited about it at first)
    • Science Project D:
    • Worked with deadly chemicals :D
    • School is... School.
    • Became flat broke D:
    • Saw Arthur Christmas. :D Awesome flick, go see it now!
    • Having the time of my life with The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword!!!

    In Internets News:

    • I have been inactive for over one month D:
    • Started a Youtube channel for geeks like me. :D
    • Decided to work on completely original stories for
    • I'm thinking about making a The Twoleg Prophecy Christmas Special Oneshot!
    • Thinking about starting a Youtube channel for an exclusive audio version of The Twoleg Prop…
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  • WarriorcatZ1324

    Hai guys! :)

    Sorry for the depressing blog, but I was feeling a little stressed.

    Now for the news. In my real life:

    • Yesterday started a full week of 3 hour rehearsals for Mr. Uno. The show is on the weekend.
    • Decided to dress up as Link from The Legend of Zelda for next year's Halloween.
    • Started being a FURRY! I'm not so obsessed that I'll dress in a fursuit, though.*shivers*
    • School... is school.
    • Started to write more The Twoleg Prophecy 2.
    • Spent more than $100 on the weekend D:

    In internets news:

    • The Twoleg Prophecy 2's article was updated.
    • Decided to start posting The Twoleg Prophecy on Fanfiction.
    • Had fun playing Portal 2 with some friends.

    And now, for the preview of the next chapter of The …

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