aka WAFFA, Wafflez, or Waffy

  • I live in Wafflelia, fourth Imperial City of the Waffle Empire.
  • I was born on August 21
  • My occupation is Procrastination Clinic
  • I am probably void of humanity.
  • Wafflez44


    November 13, 2012 by Wafflez44

    I would enjoy this wiki more if people would freaking listen to me and stop messaging me. Next person who does will be forcefead pancakes. Have a nice day. Or not. The choice is yours.

    If you want to message me, place it on the comments.

    No Jimmy,="purple"> you cant go to the bathroom! 02:23, November 13, 2012 (UTC)Wafflez44

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  • Wafflez44


    September 29, 2012 by Wafflez44

    I will be making songfics! The first one will be in several minutes, or more, because I'm new to these, and, as usual, they will be mostly all Linkin Park. The first one, Don't Stay, will be coming very soon. The second, High Voltage will also be coming today.

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  • Wafflez44


    September 29, 2012 by Wafflez44

    I'm coming back. My OCD doesn't allow me to quit on my stories. I also have my opinions on all people:

    Arti: Amazing writer, staff, and helpful. Helps the wiki any way she can.

    Zaffie: An awesome person who writes excellent stories and like bananas. Food based people rule. Known fact.

    Bird: We don't usually get along, but I respect her and like how nice she is (To other users XD).

    Birchy: I don't hear much more about her, but she has crazy clones and cool attitude.

    Red: One of the nicest users, as well as writer of things I need to start reading again.

    Lod: Another one of my all time favorite users, she has great stories and an even better attitude.

    Rainy: A great user, besides loving waffles, and is really supportive and amazing writer, also is …

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  • Wafflez44

    Thine Royal Rollies

    August 26, 2012 by Wafflez44

    WE HAVE SUCCEDED! This is a blog to congradulate Red and Wetty for their well deserved promotions.

    Wetty: Awesome stories, awesome rollback

    Zaffie: The leader of the WFW army.

    Arti: One of the best admins eva!

    Red: Cheerful storywriter. Surprisingly evil.

    Special thanks to: Inspector Avacado, Pancake Lover, Waffle Soldier, and The Honey-Tasting Rose.

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  • Wafflez44

    I'm leaving. I don't know why, but I just don't feel into the warriors fanfiction. I'll be at NZP wiki, WCRW, and VGC wiki. I might come back and edit Lunaar, Silver River, my comedies, and stuff that's not even close to being finished.

    P.S. Can somebody please write my adopted story Warriors Future Shock: HopeClan's Uprising? Change the whole thing, I just don't care about that.

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