I'm Vi, as you may know.

I would like to discuss the topic, "Good adminship."

Yes. Seriously.

I'm an admin at Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki. My mood has varied from time to time. Being young and with Autism, I can have bad tantrums, but usually I am able to stay calm.

Recently, I was demoted on another site. They took my Rollbacker rights because I couldn't code the Den pages.

Now, Rollbacker's job isn't to code. It's to revert vandalism. See the unfair quality there? Therefore, when I told them of this fault, I was banned forever from the site. All my characters deleted.

Shall we discuss the hints of a bad admin *One without autism. I apologize for my behavior before, but I try to keep myself cool. I literally cannot control outbursts*?

  • Bad admins scream a lot and usually take rights away on a regular basis.
  • Bad admins also usually use the term, "It's my site. I can do whatever I want while you're powerless to me," Which is true in some ways, but what if there are other admins there? They don't get a say. That's bad adminship.
  • Another trait is unfair bannage. Happens frequently.
  • They are also what we refer to as "tattle-tales" speaks for itself.

Now, let's discuss a good admin.

I am not a "great" admin, or the "best" admin, but I know what's right and I am going to stand for that. I don't like those who try to shoot me down or whatnot, but I feel I have to let my opinion pass.

  • Good admins often allow other admins to have a say on what is right for the wiki, such as if getting spotlight is a good idea, or perhaps even to banning someone.
  • Good admins don't ban simple people for making one mistake. But they might if you insult them-be cautious, all good admins have angry points.
  • They also are very active and work very hard to do their job
  • They aren't afraid to stick up for friends in time of need.

I hope some of you notice this and look to this for assistance in time of need. Some of you may need to look at this to shift over to the good side :)

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