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    Violet Awards

    July 25, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Well, I guess I'll have my own contest since I'm back now.

    Last time I did it I forget, so this is a rare once-in-a-Vi's-time chance to prove your fanfictions pretty awesome.

    Now, first off, I am a very, very, serious critic. Why? I don't even know o-o

    So basically, I will judge your fanfic by 3 components:

    • Story
    • Grammar/Structure
    • Uniqueness

    Yes, those three are the fanfic components in my judging self. *goes Claude Frollo seriousness*

    This has to be a finished story you are entering. No half-finished ones.

    First place gets the Violet Award.

    Second place gets the Rose Award.

    Third Place gets the Phlox Award.

    Each badge will be placed by me on the top of their fanfics. Oh goody!

    So step right up and join this contest! Yaaay! x3

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  • Violetofen4

    I'm Back Now

    July 20, 2012 by Violetofen4


    This is awkward.

    Well, I'm back now. My ban ended. I just wanted to say sorry for what I said and done, I'm not that person anymore and I swear I will never act so mean again.

    Oh, and hi everyone ^_^

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  • Violetofen4

    G'bye :D

    January 23, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Hello, Warriors Fanfiction Wiki.

    The time has come to announce Vi's Hunger Games...whoops, wrong blog XD

    Well, let's cut this simple.

    I'm leaving the wiki *throws pompoms and confetti into the air* I'm so sick of FP, she's driven us all mad!

    I'll be at World of Warriors Wiki, where there is more freedom. Star, Birchy, and I created it. It's a great site. It's main purpose is for Fanfictions, Artwork, and RPG. We have a good start on one clan, StormClan. It's a very easy and tolerable site, and I suggest you join. It will be of plenty fun ^_^

    But, I will show up on IRC time-to-time. Just to hang out with friends. Because friends matter more than what's wrong or right. And I will always be there for them.

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  • Violetofen4

    Stareh, Birchy, and I all combined our Magical Wizards powers to create a new wiki of Warrior-Cats-ness. XD

    It's called World of Warriors. There's 6 clans to Roleplay in, only one, StormClan, is open right now, and you can have Fanfictions and such, Artwork, Character Biography pages...yes, it has everything YOU EVER WANTED :D

    Birch, Star, and I are the B-crats there *Because we epically came up with it* and we want you to join. Jump right in. It's a fun site so far XD

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  • Violetofen4

    A Small Word

    January 21, 2012 by Violetofen4


    I'm Vi, as you may know.

    I would like to discuss the topic, "Good adminship."

    Yes. Seriously.

    I'm an admin at Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki. My mood has varied from time to time. Being young and with Autism, I can have bad tantrums, but usually I am able to stay calm.

    Recently, I was demoted on another site. They took my Rollbacker rights because I couldn't code the Den pages.

    Now, Rollbacker's job isn't to code. It's to revert vandalism. See the unfair quality there? Therefore, when I told them of this fault, I was banned forever from the site. All my characters deleted.

    Shall we discuss the hints of a bad admin *One without autism. I apologize for my behavior before, but I try to keep myself cool. I literally cannot control outbursts*?

    • Bad a…
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