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Tanglefrost Tanglefrost 9 December 2014

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Just an annoucement to say BBTC is over. For good this time. I guess I've just outgrown it and my heart was never truly in it when I restarted. I found I was forcing myself to update and that the episodes in general were declining in quality because of it. 

Part of it was also because I did not feel I was not gaining anything out of it. It used to make me happy but now it doesn't make me feel anything. Plus, I didn't know how many- if any- of you were reading it because no one was commenting, and people were only commenting because I asked them to. Also, I don't know if any of you know this, but I am working on a novel. This WILL hopefully be published and I will make actual money off it. Should this happen, I will be back here post-haste t…

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Tanglefrost Tanglefrost 16 November 2014

Oh, Right...

I never actually said I was back.

But I'm back, so hi! xD

I GOT MY EXAM RESULTS BACK! (Well, most of 'em, but here goes)


Chemistry: 6/25 (D)

Biology: 7/25 (D)

Physics: 2/22 (D)


Poetry Analysis: B

Text Essay: C+


Algebra & Numbers: B

Probability: A (100%)*

  • technically, I didn't get 100%. The teacher changed the marks to out of 50 because there was stuff we hadn't done in class. There was one question I didn't attempt (worth 8 marks), but I won them back from doing the stuff we hadn't attempted.


Criteria One: A

Criteria Two: A


No results yet!


No results yet!

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Tanglefrost Tanglefrost 20 October 2014

See You Soon!

I've got exams in 2 weeks, which means study, which means no distractions, which means no wiki, which means no you guys, which means a 2 week absence from moi. Holy moly, that was a long sentence. c:

Long story short: 

See you in 2 weeks!

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Tanglefrost Tanglefrost 22 August 2014

Look, I Know I Said I Was Gone, But...

I guess I just missed this place too much.

Something has been drawing me back here lately. I have an itch to write BBTC that I've been putting off for a while now. But now, I think I'm gonna restart it. 

So who would be keen on reading it again? I know I'm probably kicking a dead horse, but whatever. 

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Tanglefrost Tanglefrost 2 June 2014

Just A Heads Up

It appears that some people have been playing my WWTBAM Game BEFORE IT IS FINISHED.

It's not finished yet, so please don't play it, otherwise the game will be ruined. c:

I'll post another blog when I've completed it, and then you can all play, okay?


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