I never thought for a second this day would come, but it's here. I'm leaving the Wiki. All I do these days is browse through Wiki activity, check for comments on BBTC and then leave. I update about 2 lines of BBTC a day, and I'm starting to, in all honesty, get bored of this place. 

Put simply, I don't have the time for this place anymore. I no longer have the time to sit down and write for a couple of hours like I used to. When I first joined, I could do a BBTC episode in about 3 days, but now it takes up to a month. I'm even starting to get bored of BBTC. 

It's nothing against you guys, but I've been thinking about leaving for a long time, and now I'm finally going to do it. 

I'm not leaving Wikia entirely, I'll still be on NightClan Roleplaying Wiki. 

So, what's happening to my fanfics? 

Firestar's Quest Spoof- Delete it.

Tanglefrost and His Many Mates: A Spoof of Love, Hatred, and Stalkers- Delete that too.

Inside The Mind- Delete it.

All my Collabs can go to the other person. 

Any other fanfics of mine that are lying around can go too. 


I want this left up, because I may end up finishing it at some point. But after I finish it, I'm gone from here forever. 

When I'm gone, nobody is to touch it. I don't want anyone restarting it, I don't want any new user to come along and try to restart it because they've read it and want to do it again. Quite frankly, and no disrespect to anyone, someone else doing BBTC after I've left will ruin it. No two people have the same writing style, so the new BBTC (if there is one, which there's not going to be), will be completely different to mine. For that reason and that reason alone, NO ONE is to restart BBTC or continue the third series if I decide to leave before it's finished. This is my final request upon leaving this Wiki, and I expect you guys to honour that. 


First and foremost, I'd like the fans of BBTC. Without you guys, I wouldn't have gotten past the first episode, let alone made it to three Seasons. So thanks. I'm sorry to you guys. I promised an All-star season, but it's not happening now. I broke my promise and I'm sorry. 

Now, for all the WFW friends of mine who aren't on NC.

To Arti- You were a great admin and a great friend. I'm sorry we never got to know each other well. But you were a great writer, and I'mma miss you  a ton. 

To Fork- Well, we had a ride, didn't we? I remember there was a time where I honestly didn't like you. What a douche I was then. Fork, upon getting to know her better, has turned out to be a great person. It's a shame I'm leaving right as she comes back. 

To Zaffie- Aussie buddyyyyyyyy! Zaff was one of my first friends, and she's just boss. I think she's gone now, but I'm still gonna miss her. 

To Red- Red was probably the one who got BBTC started, She convinced me to put it on WFW 1 and that's where most of the fans came from, methinks. Anywho, Red, although serious, is still a great friend, and I'mma miss her like crazy. 

To Stareh- The thing I will miss most about this girl is her randomness. She's so out there, one of the "I don't give a crap" type people who's not afraid to go outside the rules a little to have a bit of fun. (I think she swore more times than any of us combined xD). Stareh, I didn't know you all to well, but I'll still miss ya!

To HIMG- HIMG was a great friend. She's always there to have a laugh with, and was a fan of BBTC. I'm probablt gonna miss her the most... BYEEEEEE! (reaches for tissue and waves)

To anyone else who is not on NC, thanks for making this Wiki a GREAT place for me the last 1.5 years. I'm actually quite shocked it's only been that long. It feels like I've been here forever. Bye, you guys. 

How To Keep In Contact

1. Through my "secret" second Facebook. I'm adding all Wikians on here.

2. Through my Skype account


3. If you don't have Facebook or Skype, feel free to leave me a message on my Nightclan talk. I'll write back!

Tangle out.

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