I'll put the details on Wetty's contest page once I find it (if you could provide a link Wetty that would be awesome) but basically I'm having a contest which is open to ANYONE who follows Big Brother: ThunderClan. A few people have told me that the show needs a theme song, so I'm gonna let you guys make it!

Requirements To Enter

Must have made AT LEAST 5 comments on the series.

When Will The Theme Song Be "Played"?

The theme song will play during EVERY LIVE SHOW (intruder specials, evictions, finale etc.


Must be no more than 2 verses

Must be to do with the show 

The contest closes 22/2/13 MY TIME (AEDST)

In other words, you have 3 weeks,

Leave your entries in the comments.


1st place: Gets to decide the nominees for one week

2nd place: Gets to host the eviction show for one week

Stories Up For Adoption

Felt like a waste creating 2 blogs, so...

I created 2 stories meaning to start them but don't have the time. So I'm putting them up for adoption! Let me know if you want them by 9/2/13 or they will be put up for deletion XD

They are:

Gripped By A Hawk: The Mysterious Tale of Snowkit (basically this was about what happend to Snowkit (the deaf one) after he was taken.

The Forgotten Kits: The Story of Mistyfoot's Kits  (this was about what had happened tp Mistystar's kits from the First Arc.

Anywho, let me know on my talk page or in the comments 

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