Just an annoucement to say BBTC is over. For good this time. I guess I've just outgrown it and my heart was never truly in it when I restarted. I found I was forcing myself to update and that the episodes in general were declining in quality because of it. 

Part of it was also because I did not feel I was not gaining anything out of it. It used to make me happy but now it doesn't make me feel anything. Plus, I didn't know how many- if any- of you were reading it because no one was commenting, and people were only commenting because I asked them to. Also, I don't know if any of you know this, but I am working on a novel. This WILL hopefully be published and I will make actual money off it. Should this happen, I will be back here post-haste to provide you guys with info (and links) to the story!

I have absolutely zero intention of finishing the season, nor do I want anyone else to TOUCH THE DARN THING.

I am serious. If anyone edits BBTC, I will find you... and I will be very angry at you. BBTC is, was, and and always will be, MINE. I refuse to let anyone (ESPECIALLY A NOOB WHO COMES ALONG AND LIKES IT) restart it. 

So since I'm not going to finish it, I thought I might just let you know how the course of the season was going to go. 

This week, the cat being disqualified was going to be Mousefur. She would be disqualified for using grump when she got beaten in the challenge (as Big Brother warned her not to in Week 1). She argued profusely that week 1 was months ago and her elder brain could not possibly remember that far back, but Big Brother kicked her out nonetheless. She would later sue Big Brother for unlawful termination and win her way back in to the game, only to quit the next week when there was a pretend murderer in the house and she spent all episode finding who it was, only to discover those who were "murdered" actually spent the episode in a 5 star resort. 

The third intruder was going to be Brightsong, Brighty's cat.

As a consequence of Mousefur's disqualification, the eviction for the week was going to be cancelled and the next week's eviction would be a double. BB decided to still have nominations that week, and everyone except Daisy & Rosepetal ended up nominated. Going home were Yellowfang & Redtail, putting an end to the Daisy vs. Yellowfang rivalry. which was growing more and more unpopular amongst you guys. 

Runningwind was going to begin a feud with Ivypool after he gained the superpower and discovered she was nominating him every week. This would culminate in another "final showdown" with Runningwind being the winner and suddenly snapping back in to his crazy stalker persona and turning in to a blubbering mess because he got his love evicted.

At some point in the Season, Big Brother himself was going to be evicted, and the housemates were going to spend that week's daily show bringing him back because the new Big Brother was a butthead.

The winner of the Season was going to be Runningwind. Ivypool would suddenly fall in love with him after he won because he had heaps of money.

Finishing second would be Graystripe. Third would be Daisy and fourth would be Rosepetal.

Thornpelt would be removed from the game due to injury.

I never actually decided on the rest of them. :P

So with BBTC ending, so is my time here. Goodbye everyone. I love you all. c:

And if on the rare occasion I do restart it, you'll take pride in knowing that you knew what was going to happen. c:

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