so, I haven't exactly been seen around too much here~

my name's stork! I'm a senior user and known for some of my fanfictions (such as king, nebula, and surrender) and my signatures. more recently I have been seen as the owner of the discord here and working on The Lost Migration! I'm also non-binary and use she/her or they/them pronouns!

I'm currently a busy student in school, likely further along than most of you, and an avid fan of nintendo, among other things. I've got too many OCs as well, many of which are very fleshed out and would take actual hours to explain everything with them as well. in most ways, I sound like a typical user, except for one thing:

I've been promoted to an admin on here! thanks wetty that means I hold some bit of higher responsibility, I guess?

I feel as though I've been a little disconnected to the community, so I will open up questions for a bit! feel free to ask me anything you'd like!

stay safe and healthy everyone <3


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