Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

shorter title: it's gonna be pride month in two days and I'm ready for it.

pride month seems to always bring out both the best and the worst in people. for those who live the best versions of themselves, it's a moment of celebration. it's opportunity for them to be happy with who they are. it's time for them to enjoy what life has in store for them.

and yet, it brings out the worst in people. there's active threats of trolls planning to attack communities with lgbtq+ populations. some show intolerance if someone isn't into a male/female relationship, or if someone's attracted to multiple genders, or if someone chooses to identify as something other than what's defined between your legs. worse to me, there are people who can't be who they are, either because of internalized hatred or an intolerant community.

it makes me happy to say that this world has changed, if only slightly, on its opinions of people like me, and others who aren't in the societal norm. I've known I was a member of the community since april 2016; although I am not satisfied with everything that's happening at the time of writing, I know the world was better than it was when I figured out I was gay.

that being said, things are not all well and good in the world, as many of you know. people die because they love differently, and brutality is real and happens every day. I remember waking up just a few short months after I'd come out to find 49 lives lost at a gay club. but on top of all that, we wouldn't be who we are today if the activists who sought for equal rights in the late 1960s hadn't done so.

today there's a younger lgbtq+ population than ever before, and I think it's because of the way history has played out, and a more tolerant society is learning to accept that people are different. more young people than ever are out and proud, even in the four years since my realization. keep being proud, y'all!! please know that if nobody else is, I'm proud of you all for being yourselves <3

to keep this fanfiction-related, I'm challenging all of you to write a fanfiction that involves a lgbtq+ protagonist. it could be a one-shot, short fanfiction, long fanfiction, songfic - as long as it involves an lgbtq+ main, that's okay! this is the pride challenge! link these in the comments please :)


Name of Fanfiction: a link here is preferred!

Blurb: give us a little information about your fanfic!

Identity: tell us what your character identifies as!

Anything else: if there's anything else important, let us know!

I hope this challenge makes everyone motivated!! the final date to submit is the end of june (6/30), but your fanfictions will stay up for as long as possible! pride is not limited to june, and you should keep being happy with yourselves for as long as you can :)

hope y'all have a happy pride month <3

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