Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

so for those of you who don't know, WFW has been selected to be one of the first wikis to transfer to a brand new layout called the Unified Community Platform setup. this was not an idea selected by the admins of this community; rather, the global fandom staff saw our wiki as a place to get it started.

so, what exactly does this mean for WFW? a couple things, actually!

firstly, some background: the UCP is a setup meant to merge wikis & communities to a modern version of MediaWiki. this is mostly in the background for all of you, as MediaWiki is configured by the admins. currently, most wikis run MW 1.19; the new version will start on 1.33.

what exactly does this mean for us? in short summary, we're not sure. HOWEVER, there are some massive changes coming to the wiki.

1. Mobile editing: this should make editing from mobile devices significantly easier. we're not quite sure how this is going to look, but expect a chance to edit from your phones and other mobile devices :)

2. Modern extensions: again, not quite sure what this means for us, but we'd highly suggest throwing your ideas at admins once this is applied!

3. Upgrades to MediaWiki: we'll likely have new editing tools to work with! plus we'll be able to use newer functions more easily than we have in the past.

however. there is one thing we must address, as we're transferring over quite soon: the loss of our recent wiki activity page and changes on talkpages.

soon we'll see our recent wiki activity page be replaced with something like this. it's not ideal, in my opinion, but unfortunately i don't make these decisions; the global staff does. their justification is that we need to be running on a modern slate; the current layout was introduced in 2012, and i'm sure many of our older users (pre-2012) remember the older layout.

as far as our talkpages go, they have been essential for our users for years; we depend on them for communication here. i'm not sure what's going to happen with those, but we shall see. talkpages should still be available, however, so don't expect to see those going ;)

so what happens until then? over time, our wiki will gradually be transferred to the new system. the admins, at this time, do not plan to activate a discussion board. on the day this happens, the wiki will be locked for editing until we are completely transferred. none of our content is leaving, however, and should still be open to read and browse.

that's basically what's going to happen, any thoughts, questions, concerns?

-- stork