Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Since we didn't get enough featured story requests in the last request pool, we'll take them again here!

The same rules apply, as implied in Wetty's blog (see here). We will switch every two weeks on Saturdays, and this blog will take featured story requests for the upcoming one until Saturday, April 18. Any stories requested after this date will be saved for the following round. Requests for that round will end on Saturday, May 2, and will be put up on Sunday, May 3.

Only five requests will be taken for this week; another five may be submitted for later! Please place your requests in the comments below, and an admin will approve it soon!

Rules when Submitting

  1. Only 5 fanfics per round
  2. You may only request one story
  3. You can only have a story featured every third round
  4. 3 rounds will be up for request on each blogpost
  5. Give the story title and a brief 1-2 sentence description


Round 1: 4/18/2020 - 5/2/2020

Submissions end 4/18.

1. The Mountain's Haze by Holly

2. Seven Walls by Yellow and Night

3. Rhythm of the War Drums by Wolfy

4. Rise of the Three by Hope and Silver

5. Mind Over Matter by Flame and Kara

Round 2: 5/2/2020 - 5/16/2020

Submissions end 5/2.

1. Howl of the Wolves by Stone and Silver





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