let's go over the difference between canon stuff and fanfiction stuff

I'm gonna be pretty critical of this topic, so be warned: this is probably semi-controversial.

Canon is offical works. These are often published and put into books (in our case, let's say these are works written by the Erin Hunter team). Most stories online that are written in the world these books are in won't be considered canon, as they weren't officially published by, in our case, HarperCollins or any publisher. Canon things are also things like official merchandise (sold directly by the author/artist/team) or things like The Ultimate Guide. The official definition is "the material accepted as officially part of the story in the fictional universe of that story, often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction."

Fanfiction (also known as fandom, fanon, fanfic, and more) consists of works contributed to said canon idea (such as Warriors or Voltron or Stranger Things) but don't have anything to do with the actual canon. Some works involve characters from these ideas, but others don't and involve original characters. Other works can recreate a scene and emulate it to the creator's own enjoyment. The official definition is "fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator."

Why did I bring up this topic? Why am I, a senior user who just comes here to write occasionally and remove vandalism, getting so worked up about what's canon and what's not?

Because I've noticed that this place has had a recent problem of assuming some works on here as canon and others not being counted as fanfiction.

Take note that this doesn't include things like spoofs or guides. Those are their own topic that we can explore later, if we wish.

Point being, everything on here is fanfiction and not canon. There is a reason why this is called Warriors Fanfiction Wiki and there isn't anything in the Rules that says everything here is canon.

Now, works on here that have been deemed "not in the WC universe" on here.

You all probably remember my drama with my story, King, in early November, 2017. If you aren't, here's the brief run-down: a user came on and told me that King was a great story, but said it wasn't allowed here because it had nothing to do with any of the Clan cats or any connection to the universe. They later ended up getting blocked because they wouldn't calm down and listen to any of the users that were telling them King was allowed, including myself.

I'll be honest here - King is set in its own universe, but the reason why King is here and not somewhere else is that the basic ideas of it are based on some aspects of the WC universe. The idea of two regal kingdoms pulls off of Shakespeare. The code in King is modified from the original warrior code in Warriors. So I have every right to have King on here.

Let's take another example - The Swallow. Brams' fanfiction has small ties to the Clans (she has one or two Clan cats involved, and mentions about four Clan cats at the maximum (correctmeifI'mwrongBrams)) and mostly focuses on the protagonist, Hirondelle. This has very weak ties to the WC universe, similar to how King is. It's also set in a slightly different universe where some Clans do exist, but in a different area and populated locally by rogues and loners. Brams' reason for having her story here and not elsewhere is pretty similar to mine, and I've explained hers in the sentence before.

Anything on here is fanfiction, whether it's loosely based on the WC universe or involves the actual characters. And some of these even have names that are used by multiple characters; I know Luna from King is my Luna, but Jay has their own Luna, who's unique to them. There is nothing on here that is canon.

Sorry for getting so invested in this, but this has bothered me a bit and I felt it should be explained.

Thanks for reading, y'all C:

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