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  • I live in the void
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is being busy with school and outside work
  • I am picturing the universe as a box
  • Storkbork

    shorter title: it's gonna be pride month in two days and I'm ready for it.

    pride month seems to always bring out both the best and the worst in people. for those who live the best versions of themselves, it's a moment of celebration. it's opportunity for them to be happy with who they are. it's time for them to enjoy what life has in store for them.

    and yet, it brings out the worst in people. there's active threats of trolls planning to attack communities with lgbtq+ populations. some show intolerance if someone isn't into a male/female relationship, or if someone's attracted to multiple genders, or if someone chooses to identify as something other than what's defined between your legs. worse to me, there are people who can't be who they are…

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  • Storkbork

    collab suggestions!

    May 24, 2020 by Storkbork

    hi guys!

    so I see a lot of you on the wiki are into collaborating with each other - and that's really good!! I just have a few suggestions to help make your collabs better!!

    • don't be afraid to use cliches! many people are super critical about the use of them, but the best thing about them is that it allows you to put your own personal idea and spin on it!
    • planning is good, but don't be afraid of taking it as it comes! the best part about writing stories, for me, is getting lost in the story and letting whatever is on my mind take over! and this isn't to discourage planning either! whatever works for you will work for the story :)
    • adding variety in your stories will help you avoid burnout! sometimes it helps to have characters you've never writte…

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  • Storkbork

    Since we didn't get enough featured story requests in the last request pool, we'll take them again here!

    The same rules apply, as implied in Wetty's blog (see here). We will switch every two weeks on Saturdays, and this blog will take featured story requests for the upcoming one until Saturday, April 18. Any stories requested after this date will be saved for the following round. Requests for that round will end on Saturday, May 2, and will be put up on Sunday, May 3.

    Only five requests will be taken for this week; another five may be submitted for later! Please place your requests in the comments below, and an admin will approve it soon!

    Rules when Submitting

    1. Only 5 fanfics per round
    2. You may only request one story
    3. You can only have a story feature…
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  • Storkbork

    a reintroduction!

    March 16, 2020 by Storkbork

    so, I haven't exactly been seen around too much here~

    my name's stork! I'm a senior user and known for some of my fanfictions (such as king, nebula, and surrender) and my signatures. more recently I have been seen as the owner of the discord here and working on The Lost Migration! I'm also non-binary and use she/her or they/them pronouns!

    I'm currently a busy student in school, likely further along than most of you, and an avid fan of nintendo, among other things. I've got too many OCs as well, many of which are very fleshed out and would take actual hours to explain everything with them as well. in most ways, I sound like a typical user, except for one thing:

    I've been promoted to an admin on here! thanks wetty that means I hold some bit of h…

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  • Storkbork

    this is more of a dual message from me and brams but we remodeled the discord for the wiki, so we’re gonna promote it here!

    What is the Discord?

    if you’ve never heard of discord, it’s a social media platform where you can communicate with your friends and other users without the use of chat rooms, etc! wfw has its own server, where you can communicate with many other users from the wiki.

    Who’s on the Discord?

    we’ve got two official wfw admins on there, brams and brighty, as well as a few server admins (such as myself), along with many others - including you soon, reader, if you’re interested!

    What kinds of topics do we talk about?

    the discord server has several individual chat rooms dedicated to many topics. there are two general chats (one for …

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