Stareh Stareh 17 July 2013


All right. Okay. Jesus.

I remember the first time I found one of these blogs - someone had been like, "oh! I have a new idea! Everyone give me a main character and some plot and a title and I'll make you a story! :D" right off the bat it annoyed me. 

At the moment, I have counted THREE BLOGS that have been made in the last few days with this. There have been more before now, and for all I know there are other blogs about it that I have missed.


I am not in any place to be banning these blogs - but I'm getting as damn close as I can. I know Arti doesn't like them and I bet if I said right now that you're not allowed to make them she'd back me up. But I can guarantee if anyone makes another blog like this, Arti will know about i…

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Stareh Stareh 7 July 2013

Mooses say moo and idc what Red has to say about that

I told Red I was a moose the other day and then I said moo and she's all like "BUT MOOSE DON'T SAY MOO" and I'm like bitch puh-lease mooses can say whatever the hell they like y'all can't influence what the moose want to say because THIS IS AMERICA AND WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH


Yesterday Red and Zaffie (oh, look, we're bringing up Red again! Ain't she somethin' special!) were bugging me because they both want me to read some stories of theirs and I honestly never read people's fanfics so I'm all like "blargarth" but then Red was getting pissy that I wasn't reading hers and Zaffie's ganging up on me SO 

What I did was I basically made a waiting list for their stories, in order of who requested me to read what at what time. Red's Fire …

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Stareh Stareh 14 June 2013

Tank tops and shorts and flip flops, OH MY of 10:39 this morning, school is officially out. I am no longer a freshman and are officially a sophmore sophomore (jesus, if I'm going to be one I should probably learn how to spell it). Except I don't think it's sunk in yet. I'm going to miss this school year desperately - it seems like just yesterday I was writing this blog and now all of a sudden it's completely over.

I feel old. Ten months goes by too fast. 

Anyways, as I'm delging into my nostalgia for the amazing people and classes that I will no longer partake in, I am pleased to inform you all that JMC is officially OPEN. 

Yes, that is correct. JMC. Join MoonClan. y'know. Roleplay. 



idk if you need the blogs or whatever but here's one and here's one. If you'v…

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Stareh Stareh 6 June 2013

Eponine's heartbreak is killing me kthx

I was trying to think of a witty title for this, and as I was doing so I was watching Les Mis and Eponine was singing On My Own and I'm all hormonal right now so I was like crying and I'm trying to dry my tears but they're coming too fast so I'm just gonna go with this and wait for the song to be over.

OKAY SO. School is slowly winding down, there's less and less to do, I get out of school next Friday, and today, tomorrow, next Thursday and next Friday are half days so I'll just randomly be about IRC at like 11 in the morning for all of you who are in my time zone lul.

So I decided that I am going to start accepting join requests on JMC. Please note that if you're joining now, you will still not be able to start RPing on the website until Ju…

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Stareh Stareh 22 May 2013

Resurrection of an old friend

ah, yes. It's that time of year again - June is rolling in, school is letting out for the summer, and soon Stareh will have nothing to do but stare at the fanfics she's lost ideas for and screw about on IRC and hope her head doesn't crack too hard on the back of the chair when she falls asleep. 

After doing some serious thinking, I decided there was one thing I could do over the summer - one thing that, in the past, was quite popular and was my entire world. And as the two-year birthday of said thing is drawing closer, the nostalgia is opening up old wounds and just may be biasing my decision to do this. 

Yes, if you haven't figured it out by now, I am talking about JMC - my roleplay website, Join MoonClan, for those of you who don't know. I…

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