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  • Stareh

    look, I'm not dead

    February 10, 2015 by Stareh

    I realize its been ages since I've edited here, and I'm not on IRC much anymore either. 

    Throughout our years on the wiki, everyone's going to have at least two or three times when they say they're going to leave and they never truly do. Or they do for a few weeks/months and always end up coming back. 

    However, we all also have the day when we finally do leave for good, and don't come back. We've all watched some user at some point leave. Sometimes it's heartbreaking because they're awesome people that you've been close friends with for a long time, sometimes it's like, what, you're a user here? 

    Hopefully for me it'll at least be somewhere in between, lol 

    It's been four years as of last month that I joined the wiki on Gingertail's account. Fou…

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  • Stareh

    like seriously I listened to one of their songs because the lyrics for it were on Rainy's ask and I literally cannot stop listening to it just don't do it it'll ruin your life I don't even like boy bands like that and it's like djflkasjdlkf 

    ok I have a few updates for y'all peasants~

    1) so most of you know or heard of me living in a hotel after my house got destroyed by that's been three months. three months as of yesterday. the house was supposed to be DONE in three months and nothing has even been started. they think they need to tear the whole thing down now and rebuild it. we'll be lucky to be back in the house by october. it's all quite stressful. I hate everything right now lol 

    2) I haven't actually written warriors in age…

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  • Stareh

    ok, so, I do believe it was....last Saturday? April 12th. it was maybe 7:30, I'm sitting on IRC spazzing to Rainy about the movie Spirit. It gets all stormy-looking, starts raining, and I'm like, ugh. Warned everyone that my power might go out. Well about five minutes later it did. 

    I was in my parents bedroom, and when I got up to go over to her bed and rage about the lack of power, I realized how badly it was storming. The winds were so bad that trees I could see outside the window were like, bent in half. It started hailing and everything was loud and kind of creepy, it was all dark....

    So I look out the other bedroom window just in time to see the one hundred and fifty foot tree in my backyard completely tip over and crash towards the fr…

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  • Stareh

    I just want to take a stroll down memory lane and remind all of the old users about the good ol' days

    ah, the days when Maple was active and people still knew who in the frack CatZ was...

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  • Stareh


    March 3, 2014 by Stareh


    if anyone asks for an explanation you can bet your sweet little behind you won't be getting one so don't bother asking 

    don't touch my stories 

    I'm not coming back to IRC 

    later folks 

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