Stareh Stareh 23 January 2014

Eponine's heartbreak is killing me kthx

I was trying to think of a witty title for this, and as I was doing so I was watching Les Mis and Eponine was singing On My Own and I'm all hormonal right now so I was like crying and I'm trying to dry my tears but they're coming too fast so I'm just gonna go with this and wait for the song to be over.

OKAY SO. School is slowly winding down, there's less and less to do, I get out of school next Friday, and today, tomorrow, next Thursday and next Friday are half days so I'll just randomly be about IRC at like 11 in the morning for all of you who are in my time zone lul.

So I decided that I am going to start accepting join requests on JMC. Please note that if you're joining now, you will still not be able to start RPing on the website until Ju…

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Stareh Stareh 23 January 2014

Exams, Exams, and - guess what? MORE EXAMS.


Next week Monday, I have to take five exams in History, English, Math, Science, and French. I so don't want to do them. For the first time in my life, I'm going to study - or fail the eigth grade. xD

I'm not gonna say that I'll be inactive due to studying for exams - I wait until the last possible hour of the day to do that. xD But, this IS what I'm saying -

After exams on Monday and Tuesday, there's only three more days. And then there's summer.

Personally, I cannot WAIT for summer. Last year, I literally spent all my time RPing on JMC and StormClan with Zaffie, back when she was in England and was on the same time I was. I didn't do anything else but sit on the computer all day, save for the two days a week I went to my grandma's and w…

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Stareh Stareh 23 January 2014

Cus Everyone Loves Advertising

I still have two blogs this month so I figured, "What the hell! Let's make an advertising blog! :D"


1) Melt. Not much to it but I have great hope that this will turn out to be a fan-tastic story. Haven't read it yet? DO IT. :D :D :D don't be lazy, there's only one chapter and a prologue to it, I'm not asking much of you. 

2) Prison. A new story that I already love. I have high hopes in the success of this. I think I finally learned how to write decently long chapters. xD If you haven't read /this/ yet then forget Melt and read this. Please? .<

No, I brought it up to show any of you that ever felt that way that it is possible to get over it. I bet none of you would've guessed that I had ever wanted to die just b…

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Stareh Stareh 23 January 2014

A message from Forest... :(

Hey, guys.

As you all know, our head admin and friend Forestpaw13 left the wiki yesterday.

if you didn't know that, look here.

Today, on the IRC, Forest PMed me and gave me a message to say to all of you.

From Forest:

I'm not coming back. I'm pissed at everyone no matter what they say and I'll miss you all with everything I have and I'll always remember you.

Love, Annie.


Just needed to get that out there.

Oh, and if any of you read my blog that I'll be leaving (too lazy to post a link) I'm not leaving. At least not yet. I want to see if the wiki completely wrecks first. I give us a month :/

.....A very depressed Stareh out.... I am Billy the Mexican and I am your janitor. 20:16, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

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Stareh Stareh 23 January 2014

Abusive best friends, the first day, and RIP

So, today was my first day. It had its ups. And its way down lows.

First hour, Business Foundations, or Bus Education to those of you who are friends with me on Facebook. Teacher's normal. Classmates are not. I sit next to the only senior in my class (For those of you who aren't blessed enough to know, as of about eight hours ago I am officially a freshman. Derp.), and she's a talkitive...thick person. Another guy in my class has hair so long that it literally covers his face and he doesn't bother to brush it away most of the time. Another girl from my Elementary school has turned into a complete pyscho and I dread the day I actually have to talk to her.

Then came English. My teacher has an accent like "Dolf" from the Adam Sandler movie Just…

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