cider mills and sweaters and boots and pumpkin and yaAS

i feel like the only blogs i post lately are ones of me leaving or coming back 

also wiki is stupid posting blogs w/o content so bear with me 

anyway despite me saying i was going to be more active over the summer that didnt really pan out 

but i seem to have a lot more free time than i thought i would even with school starting 

so i will TRY MY HARDEST to be active and actually WRITE more, i promise 

my creative writing juices just have not been flowing very much recently but i will try to fix that 

okay this blog was a lot shorter than i thought it would be but i guess short story even shorter im kinda back even though i didnt technically leave??? 

love you all~ all we ever share are dial tones 14:56, September 20, 2015 (UTC)

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