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Warriors Fanfiction

ok, so, I do believe it was....last Saturday? April 12th. it was maybe 7:30, I'm sitting on IRC spazzing to Rainy about the movie Spirit. It gets all stormy-looking, starts raining, and I'm like, ugh. Warned everyone that my power might go out. Well about five minutes later it did. 

I was in my parents bedroom, and when I got up to go over to her bed and rage about the lack of power, I realized how badly it was storming. The winds were so bad that trees I could see outside the window were like, bent in half. It started hailing and everything was loud and kind of creepy, it was all dark....

So I look out the other bedroom window just in time to see the one hundred and fifty foot tree in my backyard completely tip over and crash towards the front end of our house. 

It all happened within seconds it was so freaky. I didn't think it had hit the house but just like that the storm was over, as quick as it had come, and when we went to the living room we realized that not only had the huge tree hit our roof and was now leaning against the house, one of our pine trees had snapped in half and was basically blocking our front porch.

Our neighborhood closely resembled a war zone that night. One person on my street had one tree fall on their garage with all their expensive equipment inside it and another tree fall on their house. The people that live behind us had a tree snap and fall on the power line and break it which knocked the whole neighborhood's power out. The two people next door to us both had a tree fall. And that's not even the half of it. It was bad. Really bad. It's been over a week and hardly anything has been completely cleaned up yet, there are still trees everywhere, or at least the wood left behind from when they were cut down. 

Long story short, the tree caused a lot of damage to our roof, and there was water like pouring into the house from hanging light fictures. The next morning the entire ceiling in my kitchen collapsed. Since then, we've hired a company to do restorations to our house. Our kitchen and bathroom have been completely gutted, we have no walls on the west side of our house, no ceiling on half of our living room.

There's a lot of damage. Basically the entire west side of our house needs to be redone. My family and I have been living in a hotel since the 13th. Our house was deemed uninhabitable a while back. 

The point of this blog is basically that I may not be around for quite a long time. Our house is going to take at least three months to finish, enough at least so that we can move in. There's a guy that's coming out tomorrow to check the house for structural damage, and if there is any, they need to bulldoze the whole house and rebuild it from scratch. Which means up to a year that we won't be able to move back home. 

So yeah. I may not be around very much for a while. I might be able to get on IRC a couple times a month but I make no guarantees. Whoever I have added on Skype, that's basically the only way I can talk other than that. If you don't have my skype and want it, it's eej.98, shoot me a contact request saying who you are if it isn't obvious and I'll add ya. 

I'll talk to y'all whenever, folks. I love y'all <3 stareh out~ wretched & divine 01:38, April 23, 2014 (UTC)