I realize its been ages since I've edited here, and I'm not on IRC much anymore either. 

Throughout our years on the wiki, everyone's going to have at least two or three times when they say they're going to leave and they never truly do. Or they do for a few weeks/months and always end up coming back. 

However, we all also have the day when we finally do leave for good, and don't come back. We've all watched some user at some point leave. Sometimes it's heartbreaking because they're awesome people that you've been close friends with for a long time, sometimes it's like, what, you're a user here? 

Hopefully for me it'll at least be somewhere in between, lol 

It's been four years as of last month that I joined the wiki on Gingertail's account. Four freakin' years. I was this awkward little eleven year old who had no idea how to write or make friends. I was nice to people (ancient times here, folks) and had a passion for Warriors. 

I'm turning seventeen this year. I'm a junior. I've started looking into colleges and set my dreams on being an editor. I don't hold the passion for writing, or Warriors, that I had four years ago. I've hit a creative dead-end for writing so now I'm setting my sites on making a career out of reading other people's stories. 

This is my official leaving blog, even though I realize I unofficially left, like, in September. But I want to thank all of you guys for the four years. 

Forest, Arti, Wetty, Red - you guys are my oldest friends here and easily the best I've made. Most of my happy memories end up tracing back to you four. First that comes to mind was the April Fools prank conducted by Arti and Forest that I still have not forgiven you two for that was cruel and unjust no matter how clever and well planned (it was extremely clever and well planned). I literally rarely ever speak to any of you anymore, when in the past it used to be a cold day in hell if I didn't talk to one of you. I love you guys to death and thank you for all the support and advice I got from y'all in the past. 

Firey, Brighty, and Rainy - I haven't been friends with you three for quite as long as the above but you still were amazing friends and I will not forget you <3 I was so stunned to come on here today to find out that Firey and Brighty are now staff. You two deserve it more than anything and I'm proud of you guys I know you'll be great <3 Firey that story you made for me about Brandon is still heartbreaking and I still love you for it I don't remember if Brighty was on IRC the night all that happened too but if you both were I love you for it you are like the most supportive people in the world and I completely adore you 

All of you have been AMAZING and WFW is one of the things that will stay with me forever. It, and the people here, shaped me into the person I am today. If I didn't have WFW I would've probably turned into one of those emos that had nothing to do with my life so I would've just sat in my room and stared at a wall for five years and spiraled into a deep dark depression and most likely never would've discovered how much I like grammar and editing and such (even if I never felt the need to do it to my own stories and get so lazy that my grammar and spelling resembles that of a foreign person's broken English). 

Like this wiki has literally changed my life so much that I'm getting a tattoo in memorial to it. No I'm not getting WFW tattooed as a tramp stamp or some crap lol it's not a stupid tattoo just some stars on the back of my shoulder - one large one and smaller ones surrounding it, one star for each person here who impacted my life. 

I love all of y'all to death and I know most of the noobs I saw floating around recent activity probably have /no/ idea who I am and thats ok. I just wanted to leave you guys with something to let you know how grateful I've been because I know I just kind of jumped off the radar back in September. I love you all. Thanks for the great times the last four years comrades <3 

Stareh out. <3 I left my heart at home 22:17, February 10, 2015 (UTC)

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